NEWS – color

2 01 2009


As I said in my JE Best of 08 survey, this is the effin best album of 08.  Probably of 09 too.  NEWS’s new album, color, has got to be the best Jpop album I’ve ever heard.  I’m not even exagerating.

Ftw, only reviewing new tracks.  =D

Track 02 – STARDUST

I half expecting Buono! to start singing when I first heard this.  It sounds so much like everything they do.  But hey, Yamapi’s not a bad subsitute.  This song’s a little cheesy, but overall it’s pretty catchy and hey!  Ryo doesn’t ruin it.


I have to be honest.  This is why I downloaded this album.  Let me give you an idea of how I reacted when I saw the tracklisting: “OMG NO FUCKING WAY.  NO.  FUCKING.  WAY.  SNOW EXPRESS?!  FUCK.  YES.  FUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.  I’VE BEEN WAITING TWO FUCKING YEAR FOR THIS TO BE ON AN ALBUM.  FINALLY!  FINA FUCKING LY.”
Or something along those lines.  Overall, it sounds exactly like the live version except Yamapi’s rap is even sexier.  This song has always been a favorite NEWS song of mine.  I’m SO happy it’s on this album.  So.  Happy.

Track 05 – Forever

This is a song that I would expect to hear in America.  The melody’s really cool–it’s really down-to-earth.  This one is also pretty cheesy but in a good way.  I’d like a little more KoyaShige and a little less Tegomass, but I still hear them, so it’s okay.

Track 06 – MOLA

Hey wait… when did Jin join NEWS?  I thought he was in KAT-TUN?  Oh, this is Yamapi?  Really?  Jin didn’t write this?  It’s full of Engrish.  There’s no way Jin’s not behind this.  It screams him.
Nevertheless, I love this song.  I sure as hell don’t mind Yamapi singing about fucking me.  Nope.  I don’t mind at all.  Admittedly, the song could use a little more bass.  Then it would be more danceable.  I mean… erm… wut?

Track 07 – Kesenai

I was hoping for something more like Ai Nante for God Tego’s song.  I certainly appreciate that Ryo doesn’t sing half of it because he would downright murder this song.  I love that it’s a lot longer than Ai Nante.  It’s slightly more boring and less epic, but I’m sure the moment I see this live I’ll love it.  Speaking of which.  If this album doesn’t get its own tour, I will murder someone.

Track 08 – ordinary

I find myself shocked saying that this is, undoubtedly, my favorite song on the whole album.  A) I hate Ryo’s voice in most NEWS songs.  He can’t sing.  B) It’s totally solo.  No one else to make up.  Like code, which he pretty much murdered.  But daaaaaaaamn.  This is the catchiest song I’ve heard in a while.  And this is the type of song he can sing.  Well.  I mean, it really suits his voice.  He sounds really sexy.  And did I mention its unbelievably catchy?

Track 09 – Minna ga Iru Sekai wo Hitotsu ni Ai wo Motto Give & Take Shimashou

*huff huff* That was a handful to type.  Speaking of catchy, this song is wow.  It’s my second favorite.  This is Massu’s lead song.  And wow.  It is so Massu.  It’s happy, bouncy, screams for amazing choreography and aerobatics, and is all about the world being happy.  This song would be weird if anyone but Massu lead it, srsly.  I’m so so so excited to see this live.

Track 10 – Murarisuto

Gotta be honest.  I hate this song.  It doesn’t flatter anyone in the group.  It just… fails.  It’s the only song I dislike on the whole album.

Track 12 – Smile Maker

Now this is adorable.  And full of win.  It starts with Yamapi rapping.  Which is always win.   It’s got an upbeat melody and everyone (maybe save Ryo) sounds really good on this.  Once again, I’d appreciate a little more KoyaShige, but the song is still so loveable.  And the sound effects on it… you just can’t help but smile.  😀

Track 14 – FLY AGAIN

This song is really inspirational.  I feel like it should be an ARASHI song.  Or an opening for a drama like Proposal Daisakusen.  It would have fit so well then.  There’s something about it that’s really nostalgic and I love songs like that.  It’s a really good end to a really amazing album.

….Except it’s not!  Psych!

Track 15 – Towairo no Koi

At first I thought “Oh no.  Ballad.  NEWS ballad.  Ew.”  But I actually really like it.  This actually also reminds me of H!P.  Something Elder Club would do.  It’s really cute, I really like it.  It’s an even better ending to the album than the last track.


And again, if they don’t have a tour for this album, I will be so pissed.  It’s so epic.  I really love this style of music for NEWS.  I hope they continue with this, because I didn’t like the direction Happy Birthday was going.




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