Dear Amy,

7 01 2009


I think you and I must share a brain or something because everything you said I agree with completely.  Berryz started out so cool and mature… and they seemed to be on the right track in 2007 with releases like Munasawagi Scarlet and (asjdjka) Kokuhaku Funsui no Hiroba, but when 2008 hit… it just all went down the tube.  I also wonder why UpFront has the 17-year-old Saki dressed in a monkey suit.  I mean, that’s just degrading as a person.  I understand it for the 13 (14?)-year-old Risako, but she’s the youngest and for everyone else… I would just be humiliated.

I’ve wondered countless times why the younger group, in both age and experience, C-ute, gets all these ridiculously mature releases while Berryz are dressing up as super heroes and monkies.

It’s one of my hopes for 2009 that Tsunku, music writer for H!P, will finally be sent to a phyciatric ward and replaced with someone who knows what the fuck they’re doing.





One response

7 01 2009


Finally someone who sees eye-to-eye on this with me, thanks for the reply 😀

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