Kamo! Kamo! Kamo! Kamo~

18 01 2009


Oh my God.  That was so epic.

And by that, of course I mean Morning Musume’s PV for their latest single, Naichau Kamo.  It was everything I dreamed and more.

This is the first song I’ve loved upon the first listening of a radio preview, so I wasn’t going to hate it just because of the PV. And while it could maybe have been a bit better (like say with a male extra in it), I think it kicked ass anyway.

Here’s why:

a) Junjun is effing hot.
b) Aichan is an amazing actress.
c) I only saw Koharu like three times and didn’t hear her once.
d) Mittsi is incredibly awkward and cannot act, but it makes her even more endearingly adorable.
e) Gaki-san.  Nuff said.

I was dissappointed by no Gen8 singing lines, but seeing Junjun act surprisingly well and look so hot those few times really made up for it. I think she and Aichan are the only ones who really pulled off the acting.  Everyone else tried (and failed, especially Gaki-san and Mittsi), but that was still cute.

I really, really like that Gaki-san and Kamei are leads now. While I still detest Reina, I can definitely live with the current leads getting all the lines, especially if I don’t hear Koharu, which majorily contributed to the epicness of this PV.

I think it’s a good thing that Sayumin is getting lines.  No, she can’t sing, but she’s a major senpai now and I think after all the years of being in Morning Musume, it’s about damn time they give her some attention.  Same goes for Kamei.

I think this PV puts them on back on the market with other idol groups, such as AKB48 (and it is so depressing to say that because AKB48 just started).  I’m really hoping this’ll sell well.  It deserves to.

This is probably the best way they could have possibly started 2009 in my opinion.  It makes me hopeful that this’ll be a really good year for them.

And on a completely different note, Ueda Tatsuya is so pretty.



5 responses

20 01 2009
Krissi ☆

–we interrupt any thoughts of MoMusu for this highly important message–

*Ahem* Has Tsukipin only JUST realized how pretty Uepi is?

20 01 2009

“c) I only saw Koharu like three times and didn’t hear her once.” QFT. You win at life.

21 01 2009

@Kuririn – XDDDD rofl. Fortunately, no! I just felt that in that particular picture, he was especially pretty. =D

@macaronii – =D

21 01 2009

The retro hair, especially on Aichan, is over the top.

12 09 2009

I’m gonna sound like an idiot, but which one is JunJun? Like where in the video? So I can follow her cuz she;s my favorite 😛
Sorry I’m new to MM xD

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