TOP! Part 6 – Disbanded/One-Shot Hello! Project Groups

19 01 2009

Wow.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a post for this series!  Today I bring you the top ten Hello! Project disbanded/one-shot groups of all time~

10. Athena & Robikerottsu

Ah, the second coming of Minimoni.  I was so sad when they disbanded.  This group, minus NakaSaki, was full of so much amazing win it wasn’t even funny.  They had so much energy and stagepresence.  And, well, of course, I just love anything with Gaki-san in it.

09. Minimoni

Ah, the legendary group themselves.  Yes, legendary.  They’re probably the most well-known Hello! Project group to date next to Morning Musume, if sales are anything to go by.  That is, when Marippe was in the group.  I don’t count Ai-chan ver. Minimoni really Minimoni.  I love their music, but Marippe was Minimoni.  This group was also made to succeed–W, Yaguchi Mari (and Mika Todd, but aparently, most Japanese fans didn’t care much for her).  I’m a huge fan of every single member.  While their music gets dull after hearing the same singles over and over (since they pretty much all sound the same), it’s really hard not to miss them.

08. Gomattou

The reason why this is here and not Nochiura Natsumi is simple–Fujimoto Miki.  I think this set the stage for her in Hello! Project.  The fact that she was put into a group with the two best-selling soloists means a lot.  I’m not a huge fan of their single, and it’s disappointing that they didn’t get a tour like Nochiura Natsumi did, but the vocal talent there was so eminent.  I think this group would have done really well had they stayed together.

07. Kira☆Pika

If any of you remember, I was a rabid fan of this group when they debuted.  Not because of Koharu or Kirarin or even the music (lol nose picking song), but Hagiwara Mai.  She does not get enough attention in °C-ute at all, so I was super happy to see her in a duet.  Even if it was with Koharu, I could deal with it.  But damnit.  Stupid Kirarin and changing characters.  Stupid stupid stupid.  This duo would have been so epic.

06. Taiyou to Ciscomoon/T&C Bomber

Even though this group was pretty unattractive (back then) and no one knew them so they didn’t sell too well, my God they had so much talent.  Not only were they some of the best singers to ever grace Hello! Project, but they were known for being amazing dancers (if you dance it, youtube them).  It’s really a shame they failed so miserably.  If only they had had more promotion…


I don’t think this even needs an explanation.  It’s DEF. DIVA.  Nuff said.

04.  W

Possibly one of the best ideas Tsunku’s ever had was to form this duo.  Beneath their cutesy exterior (which Kago’s revealed was not their choice, but UFA’s), these girls had some real talent.  Everyone loved them.  They were the ideal idol duo in every way.  It’s really a shame they went the way they did.  But I’m not going to comment on that–that’s another post for another day.  I’m glad their both happy, though.

And I really miss the days of uber-chubby Kago!

03. v-u-den

I don’t like Rika.  But I love Yui and Erika.  And I loved this group.  I was really sad when they disbanded earlier this year–I cried watching their final tour DVD.  They deserved a lot more attention then they got, and unfortunately, what little they did get mostly came from Yui’s boobs their sensuality.  It’s too bad Yui and Erika are disappearing off the face of the Earth.  Such a shame.

02. Aa!

No, I don’t like Reina in this group.  But I love that it was the first time we saw the Hello! Project Kids in a subgroup and Airi had so much talent even at such a young age, it was just too epic.  And they were all so young!  It was so cute.  And mature at the same time.  This group was too full of win.

01. GAM

I love Mikitty.  I love Ayaya.  This was my favorite Hello! Project group ever.  Stupid scandals.  I didn’t know about them until their second single was released.  “Melodies” was awesome–the PV, that is.  Lebso!H!P.  =D  Every wota’s dream come true.  And then when we all thought they were dead, they came back with “LULULU” and an album, both of which were mind-blowing.  Their tour was awesome (especially the costumes).  I was really looking forward to them continuing.  But, unfortunately… scandals… bah.  I was hoping they would reunite after Elder Club graduated, but now that Miki’s on M-Line and Ayaya has her own thing… I’m not too sure.  It’s a shame.  :/


I’ll try not to take so long next time.  XD;;  I hope you enjoyed a walk down memory lane~



5 responses

20 01 2009

Don’t forget ZYX!

20 01 2009

@Rad – I was never a fan of them, actually. Murakami Megumi=HAAAAATE.

20 01 2009
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[…] TOP! Part 6 – Disbanded/One-Shot Hello! Project Groups […]

20 01 2009

From what I remember, Gomattou was in some paper, after their single debut, because there was a lot of argueing and fighting between the girls- especially miki & maki. I wish I still had the scan of the article… it was so long ago. But, I vaugly remember it, and I think that’ led to U!F having to cross the group off. But, I can agree with this whole thing. I miss Chubby Kago too Y_Y

20 01 2009


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