If You Can’t Beat Em…

5 02 2009

If you can’t beat em, join em; right?  If you remember a couple months ago fans (including myself) were all up in a bundle because Johnny’s had pretty much engaged war with Tohoshinki by getting them banned on Music Fighter or something.

Obviously Tohoshinki hasn’t been hurt in the slightest at all.  They’ve released two very well-selling singles since then and an album in Korea, which is like the best-selling Korean album of all time or something.

So what does Johnny do?  “Hey, why not make Tohoshinki our best buddies?”

According to KBS, Tohoshinki was recently on SMAP x SMAP and will be on some show with KinKi Kids soon.  The article calls this a “honeymoon affair” bewtween Tohoshinki and JE.

And hey, I’m all for it.  Hot Korean guys working with hot Japanese guys?  What’s not to love?



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