Your Star? Our Star? MY STAR

8 02 2009

Okay, so admitedly it took me forever to get around to listening to this.  But I just got a new job so my free time=0.  But today I got off early so I had some time and saw this on my desktop and thought, huh, maybe I should listen to that.  It came out like, a week and a half ago.

So when I started listening to C-ute’s fourth studio album, 4 Akogare MY STAR, I really wasn’t planning on reviewing it, just listening as background music.  But after I got halfway through the second track, I was so in love that I just couldn’t resist. 

01. ★Akogare My STAR★

The album starts with a bang.  You hit “play” and BAM they start singing.  The first track is incredibly catchy.  I love this style of music and I love that C-ute’s been doing so much of it.  I have to admit at some points their voices really irked me, and I’m not sure who specifically it was, but I’m gonna place a high bet on NakaSaki since I’ve never been able to stand her voice.  But I was able to overlook it since the song overall was amazing.

02. One’s LIFE (Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai, Umeda Erika)

I was really tempted to hit the “next” button after hearing the first, oh, ten seconds of this song.  But then I figured, since these are three of my favorite C-ute girls, I might as well give them until the one-minute mark.  And holy shit.  This has to be one of the most awesome songs I’ve heard in a while by a H!P group.  Not only does it have Maimai as the lead, which I’ve REALLY been missing on C-ute’s past few singles, but OMGKJADKSAJ;D PSUEDORAPPING!!!!!!!!  Chisa sounds like she really knows what she’s doing, and Umerin sounds a bit out of place rapping, but still.  JAKSJDLSAKJDLA.  I LOVE this song.  Because, if any of you know me, rapping+H!P=<33333333333333333333333333333333.

03. Yes! all my family (Suzuki Airi)

I like this song, honestly.  I liked “Tsuugaku Vector” (her last album solo before this) a lot better, but this still sounds really nice.  I love the harmonies on the chorus.  It’s a little weird to sing a song about family, especially for an idol.  She also lost control on the “woah woah” parts on the last chorus, but her pleasant vibrato makes up for it.

04. Namida no Iro

Bah.  Airi and Maimi show.  Boooo.

05. Aishiteru Aishiteru (Arihara Kanna, Nakajima Saki)

Honestly, I was not looking forward to this.  And really, I don’t like this song.  I can’t stand NakaSaki, her+ballads=OUCH, and this song is so BORING. End of story.

06. Seishun Song (Yajima Maimi)

I was hoping for something more like “Natsu DOKI Kiss” for this, but this isn’t a bad second choice.  When the song started, Maimi had such POWER in her voice it made me stop for a second in awe.  This song sounds and reminds me so much of Yossie it isn’t even funny.  While I don’t really like Maimi’s voice, this song is a pretty pleasant listen.  It gets a little boring after a while, but it’s a good addition to the album. This girl should go into stage musicals with those pipes.

07. Big dream

Gotta admit, this isn’t my favorite song.  It’s psuedo-upbeat tempo but drudgingly slow melody reminds me a ton of “Tan tan tan!”, only not as obnoxious.  I also don’t think C-ute’s cut out for ballads overall as a group, but it could have been worse.


I was hooked on the first second.  I love techno beats and anything related in any form to them.  It reminded me a bit of “Hey ya” a bit at first.  I like this song, it’s really upbeat and fun and crowds at concerts will have shitloads of fun with this.  It just screams for a kickass dance.  What a shame that it won’t get one.  :/

09. Yakusoku wa Toku ni Shinai wa

Boo.  Another ballad.  I like this one a bit better, but I was so tired when I heard it, it almost put me to sleep.  And it’s a little too much Airi and Maimi show for me.


This song would be so awesome if it weren’t the Airi and Maimi show.

11. Edo no Temari Uta II

Love this song to death.

I think the beginning to this album kicks the end’s ass, but overall I think this is a good album.  Not one of my favorites, but certainly not one of the worst ones.  I look forward to C-ute’s future releases~~




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