It’s Our Movement

3 03 2009

God I love ARASHI.  They never cease to amaze me.  I have a pretty hard time keeping up with their releases because they release so much, but when I do I’m always wow’d.

The PV for their newest single, Believe, is above.  It’s nothing short of amazing.  I’m not too good at reviewing Johnny’s PVs because I’m too much of a rabid fangirl, but here’s what stuck out to me:

-MatsuJun makes me laugh every time.
-Nino is such a nerd =D  But I love him so.
-Aiba looked pretty hot.  I must say.
-LEADER.  AJKSDA.  <3333
-The song is so inspirational!
-And catchy!

The only “bad” thing I found with this PV was that it was a bit too dark and gloomy.  The song has a more upbeat feel.  It should have had more colour.  But nonetheless, overall the PV was good and the song is amazing.

I can’t wait for a live.  (There probably already is one… *hunts*)

PS – Apparently there will be an animated version of the PV.  Huh.



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3 03 2009
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