Goin’ Platinum

24 03 2009

I finally got my hands on Morning Musume’s new album, Platinum 9 Disc.  And man.  As soon as I heard the first song I was like, “Man, I have to review this.  This is epic.”  So here’s my thoughts on the new (as few as there are) tracks from Momusu’s 9th album!

Track 01 – SONGS

And epic it is.  This song is so… it sounds like something you would hear in America.  In fact, it’d be a great song for them to sing in LA, but we all know they won’t.  I love this main-stream sound that they’ve been going with lately.  Like, I really, really love it.  I was about ready to give up on Momusu before they turned in this direction.  Good choice Tsunku.

Track 03 – Ame wa blah blah…

God, I am so sick of this song.  Honestly, I skipped to the Panda’s part, listened, and moved on.  And might I say, their solos sounded awesome recorded.  Ice Creamusume can’t even compare to this (sorry fans, I’m not one myself).

Track 04 – Take off is now! (Ai, Gaki, Reina)

This is a really powerful song.  I would love it even more if Reina wasn’t on it and Gaki-san had more lines.  Ai’s harmonies in the background are amazingly high.  They sound good.  Once again, I love the main-stream sound.   I can imagine this having a pretty cool dance (but knowing H!P, it won’t).  And for some reason, I don’t remember this from Resonant Live.  o-o;; Just watched it.  I have no ideea how I missed that when I watched the concert, but DAMN.  That was hot.

Track 06 – Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizu (Mitsui Aika)

I already knew that I loved this song, not just because Mittsi sings it solo, but because I loved it on Resonant Live.  The recording definitely sounds better than the live.  Her voice is very  controlled, pleasantly.  The techno/anime-style is so cute and quite befitting of Mittsi.  She needs her own anime and have this as the opening or ending or insert song.

Track 07 – Guru Guru JUMP (Koharu, Junjun, Linlin)

I would love this if Koharu weren’t on it.  She uses her “Kirarin” voice, which I hate.  But I love Junjun and Linlin!  Junjun sounds so cute here!  This song also sounds like it needs to be in an anime, it’s just so happy-go-lucky.  The live was pretty good, save for Koharu, and every had so much energy.  This is a very energetic song.  I think once the wota get used to it, it’ll be a favorite of theirs.  For sure.  This would have been a good whole group song (which there are too few of on this album).

Track 09 – Jounetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu (Ai, Gaki, Reina)

I’m not sure two leaders/Reina songs were necessary on this album.  A Panda duet or a Gen8 song or even, fo figure, a Morning Musume song would have been nice instead.  But I still like it.  It’s got the main-stream style again, which I can’t find it in myself to dislike.  No matter how much Reina is on it.  I wish these three girls would work on their vibratos, then this would really stand out.  This song reminds me a crapload of “INDIGO BLUE LOVE”.  In fact, all it’s missing is Eri.  Who, by the way, has been quite absent on this album so far.  Shame.  :/

Track 10 – It’s You (Michishige Sayumi)

I was really wondering about this.  I mean, it’s a well-known fact Sayumin can’t sing her way out of a hole.  But fortunately, they didn’t make her actually try and sing well like in Yowamushi (Naichau Kamo b-side), which she kind of murdered.  This sounds… okay.  Not great, but not ear-shattering.  It passes.

Track 12 – Kataomoi no Owari ni (Kamei Eri)

I was really, really looking forward to this song.  I wasn’t completely disappointed, I just wish Kamei’s solo would have been a bit more upbeat.  I mean, did the one ballad on album (sans Ame wa blah blah) have to be her solo?  It just bums me out a tad.  But man, has she ever gotten some pipes.  I don’t recall her being this good of a singer before.  Eririn, you never cease to amaze me.

Overall:  I absolutely love this album.  I might buy it when I’m in Japan (because it’ll probably be cheaper then and I’m too poor to pay $40 for it), because this is seriously one of my favorite Momusu albums.  Right next to TOP!.  I give it a 8.5/10 (because of the lack of group songs).  Lovelovelove.

Just a side note, but what’s with all the bland (black, white, silver) colours Momusu’s been sporting lately? Where’s the colour we know and love?  (And Gaki-san’s hair looks awesome lightened, ftw)




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