Sisterly Love

25 03 2009

I’ve been so excited to hear the duet between sisters Koda Kumi and misono.  I was wondering if they’d ever collaborate, since it’s just so rare to have two debuted singers in the same family, let alone sisters.  And they finally did!  Misono’s been gaining more attention with Quiz Hexagon (which seems to be a hit maker), so I’m assuming that’s what brought it about.  She was never really “popular” before, so I’m glad that she not only is getting more attention, but made a single with her big sister!

And man, the wait was worth it.

I absolutely love this song.  It’s ridiculously catchy and (thank God) not pop-ish.  When they announced the title of the collaboration, “It’s All Love,” I was worried because it sounds like the name of a bubblegum pop song, and Koda + pop = bad.  It actually sounded really good.

The opening was really cute (rapping out each other’s names, and then something about being sisters).  They kept up the whole “sister” thing, which also kind of surprised me, but in a good way.  They act like, well… sisters throughout the whole PV.  It actually reminds me a lot of how my sister and I act around each other (which is also ironic because we’re both singers as well).

I was really surprised at how well misono sang.  I’d heard something of hers a while back and it really sounded quite awful, so I was under the impression that she was a bad singer.  But man, she can even outdo Koda, one of the best singers in the market.  She’s not more powerful than Koda, but she has a really high range and they harmonized so well because of it.

I think of all of Koda collaboration’s I’ve heard, this has got to be my favorite (except maybe “Last Angel” with Tohoshinki).  I really hope they collaborate again in the future, as unlikely as that is.  And I hope this does misono well (sales and popularily-wise, that is).



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