New Unit: Froggybuddies Minus Chisato Plus Some Berryz

27 03 2009

It’s been anounced that there’s a new H!P unit: Guardians 4.  It consists of Mitsui Aika, Kumai Yurina, Sugaya Risako, and Nakajima Saki.  I’m really excited about Mittsi and Yurina being in a subgroup (not so much Risako and NakaSaki), but the article says they’re going to be doing the new opening and ending scenes for the anime Shugo Chara Doki.  That’s nice and all, but what about Buono!?  D:  I will seriously cry if Buono! disbands because a subgroup involving Sugaya Risako took over their spot.

I like the idea of this subgroup, I really do, but now what will Buono! do?  They’ve had so much success; I just don’t see the logic in this.  But whatever.  H!P will be H!P and I’ll still be more interested in idol groups that make sense (i.e. Johnny’s and AKB48–by the way, the AKB Idoling!!! PV is fantastic).




One response

28 03 2009

I’m glad you like the AKBIdoling!!! PV. I love it too!

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