21 04 2009

I’m like… 95% sure that I don’t know what Hello! Project is anymore.  I thought I was a very well-studied expert on the idol group, but then two consecutive PVs came out, one Buono!’s MY BOY, and the second, Morning Musume’s Shouganai Yumeoibito (shown above).  The thing is, they’re both good.  Like, not Hello! Project-good (see: MADAYADE, Tokkaiko Junjou), but good as in… real-world standards.  That’s not to say they’d setle somewhere outside of Asia, but as far as Asian PVs go, this is like… as good of PVs I’ve seen in Hello! Project since… ever.

So, once again, I’m wondering where the good ol’ H!P of crap PVs, lame songs, no advertizing, and no purpose went.  International popularity probably changed that.

Damn America.




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21 04 2009

I agree, they’re both great PVs. I’m impressed.

It’s funny how PVs like this are so impressive to fans, but that’s H!P for you. We’ve come to expect used car store tinsels in the background of every dance shot.

(At least, *I* associate those tinsels with used car stores…)

26 04 2009
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27 04 2009

You know, you’re exactly right about this. In their own way, “My Boy” and this latest Morning Musume PV are both … stunning. There isn’t really any words to describe either. No, it’s not “normal” Hello! Project. Bu, yes, it is different and mesmerizing at the same time. Almost frightening.

27 04 2009

well i think the nicer pv’s is not only due to the increased budget since OG graduation and international fans. It is probably also due to their rising competitor AKB48. Their sales have been surpassing mm and their PVs are always story-based and much more interesting to watch….

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