By You & For You

9 05 2009


KAT-TUN’s newest album, Break the Records ~By You&For You~ came out recently.  I finally got around to listening to it.

Not much help with my mental stability.

The name itself is fitting, as KAT-TUN has indeed broken quite a few records.  But it and the covers just made it look like a boring album, which is why I took so long to listen.

Oh dear, how wrong I was.


Oh my, look at that thing that just flew out the window.  Wonder what it was.  Oh, wait.  That was my brain.  This song is just that amazing.  The intro caught my attention right away, and then holy shit–group raps?! Ho damn.  This is like… my favorite song in the world right now.  I think Ueda does harmonies with Jin on the chorus, too?  Hot.  Oh, that’s a good word to sum up this song.  Hot.  Sexy.  Yesmoarplz.  I cannot wait to see this live.  Can’t.  Wait.

Track 04 – WATER DANCE

Why does KAT-TUN like capital letters so much?  They never use lowercase (except, I guess, on “care”).  Anyway.  I love it when KAT-TUN does this kind of music instead of their psuedo-rock.  Hiphop suits them so much better, and no one else in JE really does it.  And it’s sexier.  Much sexier.  Koki’s rap is pretty amazing.  The rest of it is just so… I don’t know how else to describe it other than it’s sex.  Pretty much.  The chorus is really dull, but the raps and verses=<3.

Track 06 – WHITE WORLD

Wow, that opening sounded way too much like “White X-mas.”  I’m really surprised that Maru pulled this off.  His last solo, “SMACK,” was pretty high too, but the difference between that and this and that “SMACK” was way strained.  Maru has way improved since then.  This song is just… beautiful, simply put.  The lyrics, his singing, everything is just perfect.  He even works in a tiny vibrato.

Tr ack 07 – care

I understand this is a remake of one of Jin’s old, un-released solos?  That’s odd.  I would have thought he would write some English crap again.  Huh.  I like this better.  This song really doesn’t sound like something Jin would do to me, his style is more hip-hop/R&B.  Not to say this is bad, just different.  His vocals are flawless as always.  I actually really like this song.  It sounds like MR.CHILDREN… kind of.

Track 08 – 1582

Ah, “1582.” Apparently, there’s some hidden meaning behind the name.  But whatever.  I love this song.  I totally thought with a title like that it would be some weird enka-ish song.  But it’s so not at all.  It’s way sexy.  And sex sounds?  <3333  I love this style, Kame’s singing (he’s really improved), the sounds, and just this song in general.  This is one of my favorite solos.

Track 09 – PIERROT

I wasn’t quite too sure what to expect with this song.  I kind of thought it might be like “PARASITE,” based on the title alone.    And oh, haha, they’re like the exact same song with different lyrics and a little more singing.  Wow Koki.  Really?  I know you can do so much better.  This is so… faux-rock.  It’s lame.  So lame.  Not even gonna lie.  It sounds like he’s trying to mix punk rock with “Blitzkreig Rock.”  I mean… wow.  Laaaaaaame.  This is probably my least favorite track.  Nothing against Koki, I love him and would love to bear his children, but this is just lame.  The amazing rap doesn’t even save it.

Track 10 – Hana no Mau Machi

The opening totally had me thinking “Wow, a replica of ‘Ai no Hana.'”  But this one’s a bit more upbeat, and I love that.  I really wish Ueda would do more upbeat music.  It’s beautiful, as is all of his music.  I love love love it.  I just can’t understand why Ueda doesn’t get more attention with that voice of his.  (I mean, did you hear those last notes?!  Damn.)

Track 11 – WIND

Goodness.  That opening scared me.  I was horrified that Junno was going to sing such an extremely slow ballad.  More than anyone in KAT-TUN, he just doesn’t have the voice for it.  I’m so glad it sped up.  This song is cute.  It’s kind of boring, but it’s Junno, what else is to be expected?   I think the only thing that would make me really like this is that Junno’s the dancer/acrobrat of KAT-TUN, so I think this could have a really epic dance.  But chances are it won’t.

Track 12 – Kimi Michi

Meh.  This is okay.  I don’t really like this style with KAT-TUN, but I suppose it’s alright.  The vocals are awesome, it’s just boring to me.

Track 13 – Shunkashuutou

This, however, is pretty awesome.  This song is much more interesting.  The chorus is blah, but I love the verses and everything else.  But what is up with that chirping song?  Really?  This song could have used a nice calm rap, but whatever.  I like it anyway.

Track 14 – White X’mas

I know this isn’t “new”, but it’s a new version, and I just have to say: YESS.  RAP!!!!!!!!! I ALWAYS THOUGHT THIS SONG NEEDED A RAP.  WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!!!1!!1!11!

Track 15 – NEIRO

I hate it when albums end with a ballad-y, feel-good song.  Johnny’s always does this.  I hate it.  This is a good song, but why do albums always have to end with songs like this?  It’s so dull.  I think they need to go out with a bang, not a fade.

Track 16 – MOON (Bonus)

I absolutely adored the previews of this.  Apparently the guy who wrote this is some huge deal.  And I definitely see why.  This is a perfect blend of Asian folk and western music.  It’s musical genious, if you ask me.  I love this song to death.  This is why I would but the Normal Edition over the Limited Edition–they really go out with a bang.  This is an awesome sond and without a single doubt my favorite song on the entire album.

Overall, this is a pretty awesome album and I’m going to buy it once the price won’t hurt my ego so much.  I’m excited to see a lot of these live.  And I hope they’ll all do their solos on Shounen Club soon.  Plz.



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