Summer Revivals Revealed!

10 07 2009

The lineups for the “revival groups” in Hello! Project’s summer shuffle album have been revealed!  Now I’m about 89342 times more excited to get the album and see it live!  (Ftw, bought my ticket!  I’m sooooooo excited!!)

First, the new Aa!:

Natsuyaki Miyabi, Suzuki Airi, and Saho Akari

I’m a little upset seeing as the original Aa! is still all in Hello! Project, so I’m not too sure why they left Reina out, but I don’t like Reina anyway, so I’m not too too upset about that, but couldn’t they have picked anyone else?  There’s a reason Saho didn’t make it into S\mileage, and that’s because (in my opinion, and always had been) she was the worst of all the girls in Shugo Chara Egg.  She’s not physically appealing, she can’t sing to save her life, so I’m just wondering why on earth she was put into a group with two of the most talented Hello! Project Kids.  Hm.

The new Minimoni:

Linlin, Fukuda Kanon, Takeuchi Akari, and Miyamoto Karin

Now this, as you know, I am thrilled about!!!!  I adore Minimoni, I adore Linlin, Fukuda Kanon is way adorable, and the other girls don’t totally suck.  Now, often Eggs don’t stick with me (unless they debut like Kanon and Maeda Yuka who is oddly absent from any of these lineups), but Akari stuck out in my mind from the Egg concert, and Karin just joined, right?  I don’t know why, but she caught my attention right away.  Probably because she’s so friggin adorable.  I’m looking forward to this group the most!

The New Pucchimoni:

Nakajima Saki, Hagiwara Mai, and Mano Erina

Ewewewewew NakaSaki.  She can’t sing her way out of a hole, why does she get attention??  Otherwise: Maimaimaimaimaimaimaimaimai!!!!!!!!!  She has been seriously shoved out of the limelight ever since Tokaikko, which really depresses me because I adore her.  She’s my favorite C-ute member.   So I’m kinda hoping she’ll be the Goto Maki of this group.  And then ManoEri~  I don’t think she’s a good soloist at all, but she does well in groups, so I hope this works well for her!

The new ZYX:

Niigaki Risa, Kusumi Koharu, Tsugunaga Momoko, Suudo Maasa, Tokunaga Chinami, Umeda Erika, Carrot Wada Ayaka, and Ogawa Saki

I’m glad to see so many of the original Kids in this group (all minus Megumi and Saki, right?), but I’m not so sure why they made this group so much bigger.  I love love love that Gaki-san’s in it, not so much about Koharu.  I do like Ogawa Saki, she’s very talented, and Dawa makes me laugh.  I like this entire lineup lots and lots minus Koharu.  Who, unfortunately, will  probably ruin it for me.

The new Biyuuden:

Michishige Sayumi, Junjun, and Sugaya Risako

I was a huge Biyuuden fan and I don’t think anyone can replace them.  The difference between Biyuuden and every other revival group is that the others were all either shuffle groups or subgroups to begin with, but Biyuuden was always a permanent group.  And it’s so so soon after their disbandment, I think it’s inappropriate to “revive” them.  And I think this subgroup hardly does them justice, Junjun or no Junjun.  Of course I’m really excited to see Junjun in this group, but I hate Risako, and Sayumi… oh dear Sayumi.  You know she’s gonna take Charmy’s lines and destroy them too.  Sigh.

And lastly, the new Tanpopo:

Kamei Eri, Mitsui Aika, Kumai Yurina, and Okai Chisato

I wasn’t a huge fan of Tanpopo except for when Aibon was in it, and even then it was kind of blah, but I think this lineup could make me change my mind!!  I adore all of these girls, so I’m super excited to hear and see them!  I hope they do Tanpopo justice (and not that third lineup crap)!!


In other news, omg!  Kanna!  D:  She left H!P.  Hello! Online speculates it may be because of her boyfriend, Johnny’s Entertainment Jr. Hashimoto Ryosuke (who I’m in love with ftw).  Whatever it’s from, omg!  Kanna!  D:  C-ute will never, ever be the same.




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