Total Shock

1 08 2009

I… er… what?!

The Kanna graduation from C-ute was… well, you know.  Expected after she’s been mysteriously gone for months after what should have been only a few weeks.  But… Umeda Erika?  Eririn?  My favorite C-ute member of all time?

So suddenly?

To be a model????

I mean, it’s lovely that she’ll still be in media and all, but omg.  T____T  Despite never ever getting any solo lines ever (with the exception of maybe two songs), Erika has always been my number one in C-ute.  She’s way pretty (so it makes sense that she’ll be a model) and can  dance pretty well.  She can’t really sing at all, but she’s like… the perfect idol.  Why she never got a photobook is beyond me.

I’ve alwas wondered what C-ute would have been like if Eririn had decided to be leader like she was supposed to be; if she would have gotten more time in the spotlight.  I guess I’ll never know.  But I’ll miss her like none other.

Goodbye Eririn.

I will miss you oh so so very much.

On another note, what is up with C-ute??  First Kanna and then only a couple weeks after that Erika?  What will become of C-ute now?  Will they add more members or remain 5nin?  The history of Hello! Project would lead most to say they’ll add more members… but the H!P Kids have all had unchanging lineups since their debut… until now I suppose.  D:  So we’ll just have to wait and see.

2009 is apparently the year for graduations.  I really really hope MoMusu doesn’t follow in suit.



2 responses

1 08 2009

she was my favorite also i think she can sing she sounded great in massara( the only time she was in front ) and edo

3 08 2009

It would be nice to bring back Kanna with Umeda and graduate them both!

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