Suddenly Sentimental

4 08 2009

You know, when this lineup of Musumes first started, I really rather disliked them.  My two favorite members had up and left out of nowhere and two Chinese girls were brought in in their place.  I didn’t particularly like anyone in the group.  I hated the leader with a fiery passion and was convinced that she would destroy Morning Musume for good.

But having these nine girls together for the past two and a half years without any change has really altered my views of them.

Who would have though MoMusu would have gone on to conquer China, Korea, and then actually debut in the US?  Especially after going through such a “dark age”?

That time… 2007… was really the worst for them.  The girls lost two of their senpais and on top of that had two foreigners come and invade their comfort zones that they had spent so long building.  When Takahashi was suddenly forced to become leader without any notice at all, everything went downhill.  She didn’t know how to set the example for the other girls, while they no longer had a strong pillar to look up to.  And the two newbies must have been scared to death, wondering what the hell they had gotten themselves into: a group where leaders, of all people, who are supposed to set the examples, are getting into scandals and suddenly leaving?

So it was awkward.  Oh so so awkward.  No one knew what to do, so they put even more pressure on Ai-chan and made the “Takahashi Ai and some backdancers” group while letting all the other girls adjust to the new situation.

Never, ever did I expect this lineup to be the longest stable lineup in MoMusu’s history.  I was so sure that this marked another era of constant changes.  And I was so determined to hate them.

But then it all started to change.  And they got more mature.  And more comfortable with not only themselves, but their group.  And they expanded.  And popularity grew.  And America!

Morning Musume used to be my least favorite H!P group, but with the recent awesomeness that they’ve been doing, it’s hard not to love them most.  I almost wish that the concert I’m going to was just MoMusu and not the rest of Hello! Project.  Haha.

I love MoMusu so much as they are right now.  I love their recent change in style of music, and most of all I love the girls!  I love Leader, who I used to hate; I love Junjun and her adorableness; I love how Linlin is one of the best singers to have ever graced MoMusu; I love how awkward Mittsi is; I love love love how sexy Gaki-san has become; I love how Kamei is blossoming into a lovely lady and idol; and while I don’t love Reina or Koharu or anything about them, they’re only two out of nine.  I think I would be very sad were anything to change about them right now.

I don’t know why I got all sentimental so suddenly.  I was looking at Iselwentari’s blog and BAM.  Made me realize how much I truely love Morning Musume.

Okay.  I’m done being sappy now.

Back to Japan.



One response

5 08 2009
Joyful Blue

You know I felt exactly the same way; it’s only recently my faith has been restored in them and it surprises me too that they’ve lasted so long. I guess I’ve got to tip my hat to them and say well done as they’ve certainly proven me wrong about their longevity as a unit.

The only thing I don’t really agree on here is the: “Who would have though MoMusu would have gone on to conquer China, Korea, and then actually debut in the US?” line.

Hopefully they can really break into America but unfortuantely I doubt that will happen, whereas Korea I think they’re barely touching the surface of. China? Well China seems to ahve been a bit fo a disaster for them as even their agent said that sales hadn’t gone as well as hoped and that figures were well before what the;d wanted. Still, we got the two pandas out of it so I’m happy.

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