My love. It has been rekindled.

9 08 2009

I just got back from the Hello!Chanpuru concert at Nakano Sun Plaza with Celestia.  It was… way beyond amazing.  When the girls first came out, I almost cried because it was… (definitely hard to describe)… something I’ve only dreamed of seeing, never thought I would, and… I dunno… it was like, “Wow.  These girls are actually real.  Not just some people on my computer screen.  They exist!”

Anyway.  Maimai was absent from the concert tonight, which is a real shame because after Erika she’s my favorite girl in C-ute and I was really, really looking forward to her in Pucchimoni V.  But that’s okay.  Didn’t ruin my day.

01. Guru Guru Jump! Man, what a perfect concert opener.  This song was awesome.  I also liked that it wasn’t all Linlin-Junjun-Koharu like the Winter Concert.  Everyone got lines (well, you know, not everyone, but a lot more than just the main three).  You can tell the Pandas really love this song; they got to into it.  As well as the crowd.  Energy 100%.

02. Piriri to Yukou I adore this song.  It’s one of my favorite early Berryz songs, and is totally perfect for anything summer-themed.  I haven’t seen this in a few years on a setlist, so it’s nice to see it surfaced again!

3. aMa no Jaku S/mileage was fantastic.  I was expecting them to not sing very well live, since they’re all so young, but it was actually really good!  Poor Yuuka, she had incredibly dark bags under her eyes and seemed so exhausted.  Saki really shined here.  And Kanon is so adorable. (And I still don’t know the other girl’s name)

4. Omakase Guardian I don’t particularly like this song, but I do rather adore Mittsi and Yurina.  They were nice.

5. Minimoni Jankenpyon! I wasn’t sure whether this group would be able to match Minimoni in my eyes because Minimoni is my favorite H!P group to ever exist.  However, this was awesome.  Linlin is the perfect leader for this group and the other girls, despite being way young (omg Karin holy crap), definitely have the energy and charisma for Minimoni.  I look forward to more from this group.

(I think Ice CreaMusume performed here?  I can’t remember when they came on) But it was dull.  I really don’t like Koisuru blah blah, and even with Junjun and Linlin, it’s still beyond boring.

6. Sekai wa Summer Party I’ve seen this on TV and this performance has definitely been the best.  She had some trouble with notes here and there, but Mano was way cute.  And this song is fun to dance to.

7. Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu I love this song.  Missed Maimai, but I loved it nonetheless.

8. Seishun Bus Guide When I got around to ignoring Risako, I totally loved this song live!  Berryz never fail to disappoint me.

9. Nanchatte Renai I adore this song.  End of story.

10. Shouganai Yume Oibito This really does sound just like Nanchatte, but either way this was a nice performance!  I love the dance.

11. Yume to Genjitsu (Aa!) I’m not too keen on this group seeing as I was a huge fan of the original Aa! and I’m a huge fan of Buono! and I think this group kind of ruins both.  I mean, if they release this as a single, it’s like, “Oh, it’s not Buono! or Aa!, it’s ‘let’s shuffle Airi and Miyabi around with other girls a lot!'”  I liked the song, but it didn’t had such a Buono!-esque vibe that it just didn’t seem right not to have Momoko there.

12. Pira! Otome to Onegai (Pucchimoni V) WOW.  This has to be one of the best songs, despite being only NakaSaki and ManoEri singing it.  I know Maimai would have just shined on this, so that was disappointing.  But this is such an incredibly catchy song.  I really hope this gets released as a single.

13. Heya to Y shirts no Watashi I liked it much better on the CD.

14. Umbrella (Tanpopo #) This song is SO Tanpopo!  And all the girls dressed like Tanpopo too!  I think this is my second favorite song on the setlist.  I absolutely loved it.

15. MY BOY And this is my favorite.   It was awesome.  The girls did so well and it definitely had that rock vibe that the girls seem to strive for in Buono!.

16. JUMP What a great concert song, really.  I was pretty dismayed at not being able to JUMP though.

17. Cosmos I don’t think I was listening to the song, really.  It made me sleepy.  I was more focused on Aichan’s lovely dress and her lovely earring… which she was only wearing one of.  It was odd.

18. Only You (Zoku Biyuuden)  I didn’t like this song on the CD.  Or the fact that these girls called themselves Biyuuden.  But after seeing it live… man, it was awesome.  Junjun got down on the ground rockin it out, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her the entire time.  She really has grown since she joined.  She’s gotten so much more comfortable, and trust me, it was obvious to see on this song.

19. Iku ZYX! Fly High I don’t really like this song, but damn, Gaki-san was sexy.  And I’m very glad Erika got Megumi’s lines.  It’s nice she got a little attention before she leaves.

20. Diamonds I expected more from this live.  Like, oh, you know, maybe some dancing from the group that was put together for their dancing.

21. C\C I am.  So happy.  That I got to see this live.  It was amazing.  And getting to dance along was way fun.  😀

22. Special Generation I’ve complained about this being overperformed before, and I know a lot of you have too, but I realize now why it is.  You can’t really understand unless you’re there at the concert, but it really gets the crowd going, and that makes for an awesome addition to any concert.

23. Tokaikko Junjou Same goes for this song.  I was rather disappointed that Maimai wasn’t here for this one.  Whoever was supposed to cover her first solo forgot, which was pretty amusing to watch.  I think it was Maimi since she covered her last solo line.  But like true performers, it didn’t phase C-ute at all.

24. Resonant Blue I would have been very okay without this song on the setlist.  But whatever, it was fun to chant to.

25. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan! This song was really fun to watch live with all those girls!  There was really way too much going on to concentrate on anything, but it’s a great concert song nonetheless that really got the crowd going.

26. Koko ni Iruzee! Wow, Mittsi really belted her solo out.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  Kamei was way cute on this and Aichan rocked her solo at the end.  Overall, loved this song.  I wish it was the last number.

27.  Aozora de blah blah whatever Don’t like this song, thought I would live; not so much.  It”s boring.  I wasn’t even paying attention.  My thoughts wandered like none other on this song.  I played the bow-finding game.  It was easy.

Overall, I feel like my journey of being a Hello! Project fan can now be happily completed.  Not that I plan on that happening anytime soon in any foreseeable future, but if it ever does, I will have accomplished all there is to accomplish.  I had a great time (and thank you so much Celestia for going with me, I felt so much better with someone else haha).

On the down side, the only shirts they had were L-sized, so my shirt is huge, but I have a Morning Musume shirt (that came with a complete photo set!) that I will put up pictures of later.



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9 08 2009

It’s funny that I agree with almost everything you said about this concert! Glad we were on the same page about things, and thanks for going with me! It’s nice having someone who speaks english to talk to at one of these things.

9 08 2009
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9 08 2009

Thanks for an outstanding report. Yes, it is easy to tear up when they come ut and you can see them for real.

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