Wow. Really?

23 08 2009

Fans take their fandoms WAY too seriously.

This is well known.  But I’ve never personally experienced this.  I mean, seriously, wanting to actually murder me for something a very lightheartedly joked around with?  That’s just… I can’t even fathom how people take their fandoms so seriously.

I love Johnny’s as much as the next person, but I think it’s cool when they start dating people, whether it’s my ideal couple or not.

So, because I believe that the comments on the thread above are ridiculous, I’m going to address a couple of them.  I very much hope they find this post.

“Well. If the blogger paired them up with MORE suitable girls, it would be more acceptable. =_=”

And what exactly deems them “suitable” or “unsuitable?”  Is it because you don’t listen to Hello! Project?  Because more than one H!P girl has dated a JE boy.  And outside of H!P, many, many Jpop girls have dated JE boys.  For example, Perfume’s A-chan and Jpop Queen Ayumi Hamasaki.

“I RECKONNNN hahaha the person ended up blocking comments because everyone was saying how she was screwing things up… XDD”

No, actually, it’s because I can’t believe how immature people can be and I don’t want to see your whining daily.  If you don’t like it, great, don’t read it.  But day after day of people complaining because I didn’t pair THEM with the JE boys gets a little annoying after a while.

Take a reality check, girls: You will never date a JE boy.  Ever.  Get over it.

“Well they have their right of expressing their opinions. xD
If there are gonna be people that love HSJ, there will be people who hate~”

Oh, wow, look!  The only mentally stable person who commented on the thread.

“yeaaaah. she should just have kept her opinions private to herself AND her circle of friends =_=”

This is called blogging.  I share my opinions.  No one is forcing you to read them.  So if you don’t like it, and I know this is way bizzare for you, but don’t read it.

“*shivers* the things all HSJ fans would have done to her … : )”

And that in itself is just pathetic.

So, boys and girls, what did we learn today?  Fangirls are hardly sane.  How they can be so obsessed over idols is just beyond me.  No, they are not going to marry you.  They will not date you.  Hell, if they saw you on the street, they would avoid you if given any kind of choice.  NO ONE wants to have fans like that.  It’s CREEPY.  Let them LIVE THEIR OWN LIFE.  You DO NOT OWN THEM.

I mean, that’s all just common sense.

Watch me get death threats now.



2 responses

24 08 2009

Tsukiki’s fucking awesome. Period. Those girls are fucking weirdos. Period.



7 09 2009

You. Are. My. Fucking. Hero.

Seriously, someone has to shut them up. Pretty hypocritical how they say that you should keep your opinions to yourself while they are also giving out their opinions–which, frankly, no one wants to hear.

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