Zekkachou Boringday – C-ute

23 08 2009

C-ute’s new PV, Zekkachou Everyday, is out.

Wow, that was dull.

If you haven’t heard it, but have heard either Bye Bye Bye or Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu, don’t bother.  They’re all exactly the same.

I wish we could have more to remember Erika by, seeing as this is her last single and all.  She didn’t even a solo line.  She was pretty and all in her “solo” shot, but that was all we saw of her.  I also noticed that she looked very bored.  You can tell she’s done with C-ute; I don’t blame her at all.  Always being in the backround must be awful.

I’m also very sick of the Airi and Maimi show.  And that the past three C-ute singles have all sounded exactly the same.

I have a very strong feeling that 5nin C-ute will be Airi and Maimi with less background dancers.  While C-ute used to be my H!P group and was the reason I love H!P today, I now confidently say that they’re my least favorite by far.  They’re just so boring.

I know the girls aren’t at fault here, and for their credit, at least they look like it’s interesting, but we all know its not.

The PV itself was also dull.  At least they tried to spice up Shochuu, but this PV was nothing but a dance shot and about five closeups–not even solo closeups.

So, all in all, boo.  I hope the next release will be interesting, but I very highly doubt it.



2 responses

30 08 2009

“And that the past three C-ute singles have all sounded exactly the same.” …Seriously? o_o; I disagree completely. D:

29 10 2009

I felt the same about the boringness of C-ute lately, but I couldn’t disagree more about the similarity of the last three singles. Bye Bye Bye was a dance track with heavy 80s techno influences, SOM was your typical oldschool idol pop, and this latest single is just too dull to even merit a description.

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