Woah woah woah. What?

19 09 2009


It was just announced that Morning Musume 7th Generation member Kusumi Koharu would be graduating both MoMusume and Hello! Project.  While I’ve never been a huge fan of hers, she’s one of the most popular MoMusu girls, so I do believe I can safely say that not only I, but the majority of the H!P fan community are in shock right now.

According to Hello!Online, apparently Tsunku wanted her to be a soloist full-time, which is why he let her graduate in the first place.  But she had other plans.  Koharu will pursue a career in modeling.

God, sound familiar much?


I understand Koharu’s never been much of a singer (and really, neither has Erika), but she is gorgeous (much like Erika).  I’m sure she’ll make a fantastic model.

The only thing is, this was a legendary Morning Musume lineup.  These nine girls have been together for over two years and accomplished more (not sales-wise, but internationally and landmark-wise) than any other lineup in Morning Musume’s history.  I just… can’t fathom it changing, even if I have been secretly hoping Koharu would leave for years.

And now the biggest fear is the addition of another member.  Another thing I can’t fathom at this point.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  D:


Uhm… in other news, the Nine Smile setlist looks awesome, especially Sukiyaki, Joshi Kashimashi, and SONGS.  I just wish it wouldn’t have to end so depressingly.  D:



3 responses

20 09 2009

two names… Saya-sama and Yuu-chan

20 09 2009
Dolorous Haze - Blog Archive » Shanimuni Paradise On That Koha Grad Thing

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21 09 2009

I still can’t rest easy, but here’s a help on that prediction, but I’m not hysterical or anything…

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