Sekushii Purincesu

9 10 2009

So I’m home with swine flu, quarantined and not allowed to leave my house, even for my senior year homecoming game or dance.  As you can imagine, I’m pretty upset.  But, despite all that and my dad being a jackass, Morning Musume always cheers me up.  Why this time, you ask.

I shall tell you why.

Kimagure Princess is why.  :DD

The first thing that I noticed is that both the PV and the song lack quite a bit in originality.

The palace setting in the PV is so much like Biyuuden’s “Kaccho ii ze! JAPAN” that its sad.  Not only that, but the dance has more than a few similarities to that same song’s dance AS WELL as the Russian-themed melody. And while we’re talking about Biyuuden, the whole concentration on their asses looks strikingly like “Aisu Kuriimu to My Purin.”

The melody is also very very similar to Morning Musume’s own “Odore! Morning Curry.”  And the fire-coming-out-of-the-hand came from their “Iroppoi Jirettai.”

And THEN, the whole pitched-up, techno-fied voices during the voices reminds me a lot of Buono!, specifically “Internet Cupid” from their first album.

Once I got past all that, though, I really do love this PV and song (but of course there’s always something else to nitpick on).  I love that this is one of the few very vocally-challenging songs in all of H!P.  I missed Panda lines, and I’m also (shockingly) a tiny teeny weeny smidge upset that Koharu didn’t get any solos on her last single.

Now then, a girl-by-girl review!

Aichan – I have to be honest, I’m very disappointed with her vocal performance.  Her “Ii janai”s sound lovely, but everything else on the choruses is very sloppy and she sounds like she has absolutely no control over her voice.  Her “wowow” on the bridge especially made me cringe. (However, I ❤ that her long hair is back.)

Gakisan – I really wish we could hear more of her on this song.  Gakisan sounded so beautiful on her solos, I couldn’t help but yearn for more.

Sayumin – I’m so glad Sayumin didn’t get any solos.  I love her to death, but she was so much better placed just looking sexy.  And holy cow, she was smoking.  Letting her do that for the PV was an amazing idea.  Her solo shots really bring you in and capture your attention!

Eririn – Wow.  That’s all I can say.  I didn’t know Eririn had those kind of pipes!  Damn!  Just makes me wonder again why she was so neglected in her younger years.

Reina –  Thank dear Lord Jesus that Reina only got like two solo lines.  Finally someone realized she’s not as great of a vocalist as they all thought she was.  I think that’s why I like this song so much: I hardly heard or saw Reina.

Koharu – Once again, I’m a little disappointed in no solo lines from her, but that’s very slight.  Holy frick Koharu looked amazing.  She’s going to make a great model.  Her dancing and everything was 100% sexy.  I loved it.

Micchi – Aika looked pretty bored and very very tired.  :/  I think that was her attempt to be sexy, but it kind of failed.   I think she’s too young to really master her sexiness yet.  She needs lessons from Marippe.

Junjun – Junjun… to say she completely baffled me would be an understatement.  She is so HOT (cue: Wonder Girls).  My jaw literally fell when I saw her first solo shot.  I mean, I wasn’t expecting that at all.  I’m very very pleased.  😀

Linlin – It’s really a shame she didn’t get any chorus lines, because they would have been beautiful.  Linlin has already proved she can knock those notes out of the water.  It’s a shame she doesn’t have enough fans to get her lines in singles.  :/

Overall, I really do love this song.  Although it’s a bittersweet love because this is also the end of the super lineup that’s been together for over 2 years.

We’ll miss you Koharu!  😥



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10 10 2009

I agree with everything you said! Once you get over the unoriginal PV- it’s actually pretty good 😀 And the song is addicting. First listen I was like meh, but then it like gets stuck in your head and you’re like off humming it while shopping XDD I’m happy, momusu sounds like their old self again!

10 10 2009
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