Missed It

28 11 2009

I’m just a tad late, but Shanimuni Paradise’s 2nd birthday passed this last July.  So, uh… happy five-months-late 2nd anniversary to my blog!  It’s my baby and I’m so glad I’ve kept up this long~!  Here’s to another at this point, half year!!


(PS- Almost 100,000 hits!  Wow!  Thanks guys!  :D)

Finally Unveiled

4 11 2009

For their first release in, oh, all year, NEWS put out a DVD for their WINTER PARTY DIAMOND SPARKLY YAY tour that happened… when was it?  Oh, yes, last year.  (Sorry, I hope you understand the frustration I and the majority of NEWS fans have shared this year.)

Despite being the only release in a full year, the DVD looks pretty good.  It’s jam-packed with extras, the highlight of which being each individual member filmed their own solo PV’s!  This was the part I was most excited about when details about the DVD were announced.

Some of them were blah, but then there were those few… that just made a whole year of waiting worth it.  :]

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