Finally Unveiled

4 11 2009

For their first release in, oh, all year, NEWS put out a DVD for their WINTER PARTY DIAMOND SPARKLY YAY tour that happened… when was it?  Oh, yes, last year.  (Sorry, I hope you understand the frustration I and the majority of NEWS fans have shared this year.)

Despite being the only release in a full year, the DVD looks pretty good.  It’s jam-packed with extras, the highlight of which being each individual member filmed their own solo PV’s!  This was the part I was most excited about when details about the DVD were announced.

Some of them were blah, but then there were those few… that just made a whole year of waiting worth it.  :]

From my least favorite to the most epic thing I’ve ever seen in Jpop:

Yamapi – MOLA

I have got to say, I was extremely disappointed in this.  The remix is whatever, but what really got me was the PV.  I mean, it’s Pi.  The leader of NEWS?  The most popular one?  The sexiest one??  How come all he got was a dance shot with random slutty dancers in it?  I liked the dance, really, but come on.  That’s dull.  And the worst part is that he looks extremely bored.  Like he’s too good for this shit, so why even bother?  Honestly, from an award-winning actor I expected much, much more.

Ryo – code

Oh why, why why WHY couldn’t he have done “ordinary”???  ;_;  That song is beautiful and sexy and fits Ryo’s voice so much better than “code”!!!  Honestly, this song is not flattering to his voice at all.  He sounds like a dying cat.  But beyond that, the PV itself was also very dull.  There was no colour, it was all stagnant greys and blacks.  And Ryo seemed like he was acting as one of his drama characters (Sosuke from Last Friends and Aoi from Orthros no Inu come to mind), not himself.  Which is rather disappointing.  As was his entire PV, just like Pi’s.

Tegonyan – Ai Nante

This one wasn’t entirely dull, but it wasn’t exactly interesting either.  I felt like this PV was very, very Tegoshi: narcissistic.  I mean, half of it is him staring at himself in the mirror.  And GOD, random girl with no face again!!!  That frustrates me more than anything about this set of PVs.  Tegoshi himself looked like a poodle, and when he was wet: a wet poodle.  Not very attractive.  But I’ve seen worse.

I will say though, I absolutely love this song and him singing it solo is about fifty times better than him with Ryo and Shige on backup.

Koyamama – Love Addiction

The random girls that just pop in and out of all these PVs all seem out of place and in there… honestly, just to be there.  They’re not even pretty.  If you’re going to have girls with low-cute dresses, they should at least have boobs.  I mean, the whole point of them there is for sex appeal, yes?

Anyway.  This song has always been one of my favorites.  I was kind of hoping for the PV to have a full version (added second verse+chorus), but it was cool anyway.  I never really thought of Keichan as sexy before.  And God, that was hot.  And at least the girl in this one had a face.  (Man, that ending scene… if only they had kissed!)

Massu – Superman

This PV is so extremely adorable!  Massu being chased by an “akuma” (kid dressed up!), being watched by two little boys, attempting to be a hero, and the lyrics all about food, what’s not to love??   The best part is the “MASUPERMAN”!!!  That’s so adorable!!  And then, it only gets better.  Because it’s sexy, too!!!  I was hoping and hoping that he would do some acrobatics (every JE group has their acrobat), and I wasn’t disappointed!!!  His dancing and those flips… Thumbs up from me!  This almost took my number one spot, seeing as Massu is my favorite in NEWS and all…

And now, the best one yet…

Shige – Shalala Tambourine

God.  I have never watched anything so amazing in Jpop before.  That was absolutely epic.  Shige makes a hot girl (I didn’t even realize it was him until the end), an absolutely gorgeous host, a rather convincing VK performer, and even a disgusting pedophile creeper (not to mention a salaryman and a wota.  Yes, a wota).  The PV didn’t loose my interest for a split second.  There was so much going on, it was so captivating!  I mean, this is how all PVs should be (not this style, but that extremely interesting).  His vocals have definitely improved, so that added to the awesomeness.  And it was all times so perfectly.  It just has this “wow” factor that I so rarely find in Jpop these days.  That is the epitome of Jpop.  Right there.  That PV.

Also, will someone please tell me why Shige hasn’t had his own drama yet?  He’s such a great actor.

Overall, YAY for a new NEWS release, but boo that they’re all solo.  This just adds to the rumours more than anything that NEWS is gonna break up.  :c



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