22 12 2009

….Are we serious right now?

Out of all of the Jpop dancers on youtube, they choose HER to debut in Japan?!  God, I didn’t think there was anyone in the Japanese music industry that did mroe drugs than Tsunku, but I guess there is.

Seriously, whoever made that decision needs to hear a few things:

If you’re going to choose a white girl to debut in Japan, for good effing Jesus at least choose an ATTRACTIVE one!  You know, some boobs, some curves, a nose that doesn’t look like a crows beak maybe?

Second of all, if you want a dancer, then choose someone who can dance!!  (i.e. Amerikajinmusume or LunaCherii, or even, hate to say it, I’m a hell of a lot better dancer than her.)  I’m sorry, but she looks like a flailing wet cat.  Did you see how uninterested that crowd was?  I mean, Jesus Christ.  She looks friggin stoned all the time.

Third of all, if she’s going to debut in Japan, shouldn’t she, at the very very least, be able to PRONOUNCE Japanese?!  I understand a good amount of Japanese, but I couldn’t make out a single word she was saying.  And don’t say its because she’s Brittish, because I met plenty of Brittish people in Japan and their accents weren’t audible when they were speaking it Japanese.  I know she’s young and will take some time to learn it, but at least pronounce it?!

And fourth…. it’s just all wrong.  ALL WRONG.

I’m very, very disappointed.  Out of all the people on the whole fucking internet.

I very highly doubt she’ll make it because of her lack of Asian blood/looks, but still… this is just pathetic.

Oh, what have you come to, Japan?

Korea, anyone?

On the SM Ent Law Suits

21 12 2009

It’s rather well known that three members of the huge Halyu wave group DBSK, JaeJoong, JunSu, and YooChun, have sued their Korean management agency, SM Entertainment, for an “unfair contract.”

Well, now Super Junior’s HanKyung (as some of you  might recall has been my favorite member since the group formed) is following en suite.


I’ve wanted to say my opinion on it for some time, but two others have pretty much summed up all of my thoughts for me: fellow blogger Raid and Super Junior’s own KyuHyun.


God, what idiots.

I love them all (except JaeJoong, he can go into hiding and fall off of the face of the Earth or something for all I care), but they’re stupid.  Plain and simple.

What a Shock. *yawn*

21 12 2009

What a shock, I hate C-ute’s newest single too.  Gosh, this is, what, eight singles in a row that I’ve disliked of theirs.  It’s not even worth putting up here.

And thus, I’ve officially decided what’s been unofficial for quite some time: I give up on C-ute.  I absolutely will not sit and watch Airi solo with all that amazing singing talent (read: everyone but NakaSaki) go to absolute waste.  I’ve hated the Airi and Maimi show since… it started.  I haven’t honestly liked a single one of their songs since “Tokaikko” except for “Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu.”

I’ll still watch their PVs to see if anything’s changed, but I highly doubt that unless new members are added that we’ll see a change in C-ute’s singles (line-wise).

So I suppose this is a very long coming farewell, C-ute.  You were awesome back in the day, and were the group that got me into Hello! Project.  Maybe someday you will be good again.  But I doubt it.

Love, Tsukiki

PS – Why don’t they just save the trouble and let Airi go solo?  She’s a hell of a lot better singer than ManoEri, and then we can actually hear the other C-ute girls.

Bits and Pieces

13 12 2009

A couple thoughts have been jumbling around my head, but none of them are significant to have their own post.  So!

First, Namie Amuro’s new album!

I love PAST < FUTURE.  I love the new image she wants for herself.  The music, the vocals, and the her.  Everything’s awesome.  This is without a doubt my favorite of her albums, and that includes Best Fiction.

Next, lots of Super Junior.

I really enjoy their new live album!  Almost everything is remixed, and it’s made a lot of songs that I hated, such as “Miracle” quite enjoyable!  Donghae’s solo “Beautiful” and Ryeowook’s “Insomnia” really stood out to me.

But, uh, rofl!  SiWon, seriously?  A Casting Crowns song?  We all know you’re Christian, but that and idolism are quite the opposites.  I recognized the song, but when I finally realized what it was, I had a huge “wtf?!” moment before uncontrollable laughter.

And omg, “Gee”.  That is absolutely BRILLIANT.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  I’m so so so delighted that they included this on the album!  XDD  (Feels a bit incomplete without JoKwon, though.)

Next, tried Kara.  They bore me.  “Honey” is catchy, but I can’t find another song I like.  Their lead singer isn’t very attractive.  Yawn.

Finally, I have officially fallen in love with SS501.  Can I marry HyunJoong or YoungSaeng please?  <333

It’s Over

7 12 2009

I can’t believe it really happened… I didn’t want it to be real.  I think all of the H!P fandom was waiting for this day to role around and at the final NINE SMILE concert for Koharu to come out and say “Just kidding~” and we’d all laugh and think “Man, they really got us this time.  Haha!”

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