It’s Over

7 12 2009

I can’t believe it really happened… I didn’t want it to be real.  I think all of the H!P fandom was waiting for this day to role around and at the final NINE SMILE concert for Koharu to come out and say “Just kidding~” and we’d all laugh and think “Man, they really got us this time.  Haha!”

But no.  Koharu has officially left Hello! Project.

I’ve always been very blunt with my dislike for her.  She was cute and spunky when she first joined, but Kirarin ruined all of that.  It destroyed her voice and her character.  She got incredibly annoying and then suddenly got all these lead parts in singles.  It ruined Morning Musume for me for a while.

But when her graduation was announced… I dunno, it all changed.  There was a definite reason why she was chosen as the sole member of the seventh generation.  She was undoubtedly the “Miracle Girl.”  While she can’t sing worth shit and her dancing is par, she has this never-ending abundance of energy and charisma that, really, none of the other members have.  And on top of that, this lineup was together for almost three years–the longest lineup in MoMusu history.  They had become a family, and one of the most important members suddenly left.  I cried reading the graduation messages from the other girls.  Literally.  It was heartbreaking to see how much Tsunku splitting them up has hurt them.

While I loved it at one point, I don’t like the idea of MoMusu changing back to a project group now.  I think most people were really enjoying the stability and how well we had really gotten to know these girls at a 9-member family, not nine different girls just thrown into some group together that we can’t get close to because they’ll be gone in a year anyway.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens at this point.

I honestly have no idea what to expect from here on out.  Anything’s game I suppose.

I just know that I’m dreading it.


Dear Koharu:

I love you!  I’m so sad to see you go, even if it took me until your graduation announcement to realize it.  You’re absolutely gorgeous and will definitely have an absolutely brilliant career in modeling.  Do you best, okay??  Come and visit us in the States again some day!

❤ Tsukiki

And with that, sayonara to the closest, longest, and my favorite Morning Musume lineup in history: The epic Kyunin lineup of Riida Takahashi, SubRiida Gaki, Kamei, Reina, Sayumi, Koharu ;_;, Aika, Junjun, and Linlin.



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7 12 2009

hotlinks = suck

7 12 2009

way to hotlink 😛

7 12 2009
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