What a Shock. *yawn*

21 12 2009

What a shock, I hate C-ute’s newest single too.  Gosh, this is, what, eight singles in a row that I’ve disliked of theirs.  It’s not even worth putting up here.

And thus, I’ve officially decided what’s been unofficial for quite some time: I give up on C-ute.  I absolutely will not sit and watch Airi solo with all that amazing singing talent (read: everyone but NakaSaki) go to absolute waste.  I’ve hated the Airi and Maimi show since… it started.  I haven’t honestly liked a single one of their songs since “Tokaikko” except for “Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu.”

I’ll still watch their PVs to see if anything’s changed, but I highly doubt that unless new members are added that we’ll see a change in C-ute’s singles (line-wise).

So I suppose this is a very long coming farewell, C-ute.  You were awesome back in the day, and were the group that got me into Hello! Project.  Maybe someday you will be good again.  But I doubt it.

Love, Tsukiki

PS – Why don’t they just save the trouble and let Airi go solo?  She’s a hell of a lot better singer than ManoEri, and then we can actually hear the other C-ute girls.




One response

23 12 2009

I do agree with you about C-ute. I do not hate any of their singles, but some of them have not been as good (FOREVER LOVE was epic though. And personally I wish it was Airi singing the whole chorus). And yeah C-ute was much better in the day for sure. 2006 and 2007 were great years for them and I actually thought they were on par with Berryz lol. I won’t stop listening to them though. For one reason. Airi.

Even though I strongly disagree with you about Airi. She gets all of those lines because she is 100x better singer than the rest. Sorry. I do agree she is better than Mano (I consider Airi to be 2nd best vocal behind Aichan and just behind Mano), but I Mano is an amazing talent and her solo career is the best since Ayaya’s solo career.

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