22 12 2009

….Are we serious right now?

Out of all of the Jpop dancers on youtube, they choose HER to debut in Japan?!  God, I didn’t think there was anyone in the Japanese music industry that did mroe drugs than Tsunku, but I guess there is.

Seriously, whoever made that decision needs to hear a few things:

If you’re going to choose a white girl to debut in Japan, for good effing Jesus at least choose an ATTRACTIVE one!  You know, some boobs, some curves, a nose that doesn’t look like a crows beak maybe?

Second of all, if you want a dancer, then choose someone who can dance!!  (i.e. Amerikajinmusume or LunaCherii, or even, hate to say it, I’m a hell of a lot better dancer than her.)  I’m sorry, but she looks like a flailing wet cat.  Did you see how uninterested that crowd was?  I mean, Jesus Christ.  She looks friggin stoned all the time.

Third of all, if she’s going to debut in Japan, shouldn’t she, at the very very least, be able to PRONOUNCE Japanese?!  I understand a good amount of Japanese, but I couldn’t make out a single word she was saying.  And don’t say its because she’s Brittish, because I met plenty of Brittish people in Japan and their accents weren’t audible when they were speaking it Japanese.  I know she’s young and will take some time to learn it, but at least pronounce it?!

And fourth…. it’s just all wrong.  ALL WRONG.

I’m very, very disappointed.  Out of all the people on the whole fucking internet.

I very highly doubt she’ll make it because of her lack of Asian blood/looks, but still… this is just pathetic.

Oh, what have you come to, Japan?

Korea, anyone?



7 responses

22 12 2009

yes because korea is so much better than japan.

have fun with menstrual blood letters 😛

22 12 2009

Ahaha. Well, I haven’t received them the other times when I’ve trash-talked K-stars. Even though it’s a new trend… it has been around for a whild. So. 😀

And I meant music-wise. Definitely not… everything else-wise. XD

23 12 2009
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23 12 2009

well.. put it this way… if we ( of non-East Asian/mongoloid stock) whet our appetite looking at East Asian/mongoloid idols, i do not see why there won’t be people, who other wise wouldn’t look at idols… be a little intrigued by caucauscoids doing the idol moves… 😀 ?

imho however… that i fear there be little “typical/ pretty” caucauscoids with curves who actually like this sort of thing seriously enough as Ms. Cruel here is… Jailbait is really hard to find in the otaku variety… hard.. but not impossible… ( ps… they actually like the roman/grecian nose …)

23 12 2009

wtf was that….
LunaCherii is SWEDISH and speaks better Japanese than her!!

Somebody is really on some cold, hard drugs to even take a second look at her.

23 12 2009

No, my bad, FINNISH not Swedish.

24 01 2010

I think the sound quality had more with you being unable to understand her than her pronunciation. Given, I’m not about to waste my time going to look for more videos of her to see if it is actually bad with okay sound quality, but I didn’t hear anything really out there…I didn’t really hear anything enough to distinguish, period, even from the announcer at the beginning.

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