Sunmi is Leaving the Wonder Girls… ;___;

23 01 2010

I think JYP hates me.  I mean, really.  Minzi is yet to have a dance solo on a show, T.O.P. is yet to rap in Japanese, G-Dragon went solo, and now?!  Now my favorite member of one of my all-time favorite Kpop girl groups is leaving.

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Latest Kpop Musings

11 01 2010

There’s way too much that goes on on a daily basis to keep up with Kpop.  I like rounding it all up at once.

First of all, the new friggin huge boy group, who REALLY seems like the male SNSD, ZE:A, is a cheap rip-off every other Kpop boy group out there.  Track one, “Love Coach”: Hello, every single song Super Junior’s ever done and half of SS501 and T-MAX.  Track two, “New Star”: [a failed attempt at] BIG BANG, newer Super Junior, and all of them new hip hop groups that debuted this year that I haven’t kept up with.  And the title track, “Maseltov”?  Wai hallo thar 2PM, and even more pathetic, f(x) and 2NE1.

The group completely lacks originality, so if you’re wondering whether or not to bother with them or not?  Don’t.  It’s so not worth it.

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Koda’s a Vampire?

11 01 2010

I just got back from seeing Daybreakers.  It was okay, not the best movie ever, but at least the vampires don’t fucking sparkle.

Anyway, so I get back and see Koda Kumi’s new video for her new single “Can We Go Back” is out.  And the first scene she’s all (kind of) grungy and locked up in some prison.  And my first thoughts were that she looked JUST like the blood-deprived vampires in Daybreakers, only with clothes on.  And if you haven’t seen it, imagine a zombie, only a little cleaner.

Koda, dear, food is good for you.

The song is okay, but personally I think that Koda’s better suited for R&B and dance hits, not so much rock.  But whatever, it’s the current trend or something for the Jpop Divas, so hopefully it ends soon.

The whole… “battle” scenes are really random.  Koda’s new hair really stands out, though.  At least, that’s what I was focusing on, what were you looking at??  Her ass?  Shame on you all.

I liked the dance cut, but it seemed a little dull.  Like, come on Koda, we all know you can do better than a cheap Thriller rip-off.

So…. once again Koda bores me.

But that’s why I started listening to JPop.  😀

New Avex Girl Group!! WIN

11 01 2010

This is the first time Avex has tried an all-girl group since SweetS, which (in my opinion) is the best girl group to ever grace Japan.  Argue all you want, but that’s my opinion.

This one looks just as promising.  They’re just as young as everyone else in the Jpop girl group world, but they have attitude.  They know how to strut it and make it work. Avex tends to set the bar a lot higher than most everyone else in everything: dancing, singing ability, even looks.  So I highly doubt I’ll be disappointed by these girls.

I can’t wait to see a release from them!  Every watch out for Tokyo Joshiryu!

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