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11 01 2010

There’s way too much that goes on on a daily basis to keep up with Kpop.  I like rounding it all up at once.

First of all, the new friggin huge boy group, who REALLY seems like the male SNSD, ZE:A, is a cheap rip-off every other Kpop boy group out there.  Track one, “Love Coach”: Hello, every single song Super Junior’s ever done and half of SS501 and T-MAX.  Track two, “New Star”: [a failed attempt at] BIG BANG, newer Super Junior, and all of them new hip hop groups that debuted this year that I haven’t kept up with.  And the title track, “Maseltov”?  Wai hallo thar 2PM, and even more pathetic, f(x) and 2NE1.

The group completely lacks originality, so if you’re wondering whether or not to bother with them or not?  Don’t.  It’s so not worth it.

T-Ara!!  I have become completely obsessed with “Bo Peep Bo Peep”.  Everything else is kind of blah, and I think T-Ara seriously lacks in vocal ability compaired to just about every Kpop girl group out there, but they can do both adorable and sexy, so they’re okay.  “TTL” is pretty good, but who the f is Supernova?

HyunA, dear, you can’t sing.  Please stop trying.  Rap, fine, but the singing parts in “Change” were so awful.  And please attempt to do something without autotune.  Pleeeease.  (That goes for all of 4minute, actually.)

And how come no one told me KARA was the group that did “Break It”?!?!?  That song is the fucking best song to ever grace Korea.  Period.  No argument.  Frick, if I had known that, I would have been listening to them a long time ago.  And after I found that out, I found their other hits much more enjoyable, especially “Mister”.  😀

That girl on the coouch in that picture with her hair up and in shorts?  Yeah, I’ve decided she’s my favorite.  She’s absolutely adorable.  Can someone tell me her name?  😀

Oh, and because it was the best end-of-year stage performance:


And finally,

OmiGAWD.  Amber looks AMAZING with makeup on!!!  How come this hasn’t happened before?!  Holy shiz, just give her a little makeup and take of all those jackets and hats and she’s stunning!

My whole problem with f(x) was her.  And this just gets rid of all of that.  PLEASE keep this going SM!!



One response

9 02 2010

The girl from KARA is Han Seungyeon. I love her too ❤
I'm glad you went and gave KARA a chance, I vaguely knew Break It but it was morbid fascination with Rock U when they came back with the new members that drew me in XD

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