Sunmi is Leaving the Wonder Girls… ;___;

23 01 2010

I think JYP hates me.  I mean, really.  Minzi is yet to have a dance solo on a show, T.O.P. is yet to rap in Japanese, G-Dragon went solo, and now?!  Now my favorite member of one of my all-time favorite Kpop girl groups is leaving.

Yes, Sunmi (aka Mimi for stupid dumb Disney worshipers) is leaving the Wonder Girls.

And to top it off, they’re replacing her with some new girl named Lim.  Lim.  Does Lim sound anywhere near as talented, charming, and girl-next-doorish as Mimi?  No.  Lim sounds stupid.  And NOT SUNMI.

Why couldn’t it have been what’s-her-face who I still don’t care enough about to go look up?  Why Sunmi of all members?!  And of all wonderful timings, she chose in the absolute APEX of the WG’s career as internationally chart-topping artists!  TO CONTINUE HER EDUCATION.

Honey, there was a reason why you dropped out of high school.  Cuz YOU ARE AN AMAZING IDOL.  WHY GIVE THAT UP?!


I hate life.

SunMi, hwaiting for you to return.  ;____________________________;

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2 responses

29 01 2010


WHAT!??!?! DId they give a reason why she’s leaving???

OMG. I am seriously crying right now!! NO NO NO NO NO…..Oh my god Sunnnnnn Miiiiii ;_____________________________;

9 02 2010

2NE1 and BIGBANG aren’t produced by JYP. x_x; they’re on YG Entertainment.

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