On Kikkawa Yuu

7 02 2010

I am so sick of hearing the “Should Kikkawa Yuu be moved up to Morning Musume” debates.  This issue will be settled right here right now.


She will not be moved to Morning Musume.  Ever.

And that’s not me saying “I don’t like her” or “I hope she doesn’t” or “I don’t think she will.”  No, she won’t.  Here’s why:

Kikkawa Yuu auditioned for Morning Musume’s 8th generation.  She didn’t make it, as well all know, only Mitsui Aika did.  However, she was the only auditionee to be added to Hello! Pro Eggs. Shortly afterward, she, along with Kitahara Sayaka, was given a role on the H!P-dominated anime Kirarin Revolution.  As all H!P girls to appear on the show, they did the openings/endings to it with Kusumi Koharu in a unit called “MilkyWay.”  Many fans grew to love Kikkawa during this time, and started to notice that she was indeed quite talented.  As thus, many arguements as to why she should be in Morning Musume surfaced, such as:

(1) “I thi[n]k Yuu’s deserved Momusu after what she’s been through. … i mean she has had PV experience. We know what her voice is like. I say she deserves the chance.”

(2) “H!P has a ton of talent just sitting around in the Eggs. They really can’t afford to let so many of them get past their ‘expiration dates’.”

(3) “There is a chance for H!P Eggs!  After all, Linlin was an Egg!”

(4) “Yuu is so much better than Aika!  She should have made it!”

–O wai hallo thar.  Let me disprove these all. —

1: Yuu deserves nothing.  She deserves just as much as every single other Egg, much less Noto Arisa, who has been an Egg ever since they started and has more than twice Kikkawa’s experience.  If she doesn’t deserve it, no other Egg does.  Plenty of Eggs have had “PV experience,” not just Kikkawa and Kitahara.  That also does not qualify them any more.

2. Yes, there is a lot of talent in the Eggs.  There is no doubt about it.  However, idols don’t have much of an “expiration date,” so there’s no judge of when they can or cannot be an idol anymore.  (for example, AKB48’s Ohori Megumi, 25; Takahashi Ai, 23; Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, 30; all of SPEED).  Also, Eggs are hired to be trainees.  Not idols like the frontliners.  There’s no promise of debuting when they join the Eggs, nor has there ever been.

3.  If you want to argue Eggs moving up, Linlin is a horrible arguement.  Linlin was added to the Eggs with the intent of joining Morning Musume.  Tsunku simply wanted to test her without a formal audition.   Now, if you really wanted to boast that argument, you would use Okada Yui as an example, because she is the only other Egg that actually got moved to a permanent group, v-u-den.  However, v-u-den was incredibly unsuccessful, even with the Morning Musume bombshell Ishikawa Rika, so the chances that Tsunku will do that again is highly unlikely.

4. No, Yuu is not so much better than Aika.  If she had been, she would be in Morning Musume and not Aika.  Now all opinions aside, here’s the real reasons why: a) energy.  Aika has plentifold more energy than Kikkawa, and she shows it.  Aika is incredibly energetic both on stage and off, where as sometimes onstage Kikkawa is energetic, we rarely see that off.  b) Aika always puts forth 100%.  I won’t even argue looks because that is purely opinionated, but I am a trained vocalist and actress, and I know what laziness in energy, personality, and vocals are.  So while Aika’s 100% performance isn’t quite the same as Kikkawa’s 100%, we rarely ever see Kikkawa’s, least of all was during the auditions where she really slacked.

With all that said:

Please, feel free to kick and scream like little kids now because I dissed your favorite idol.  I’m simply stating facts.   kthxbai.



13 responses

7 02 2010

I’m with you, concerning the prospect of an Egg joining Morning Musume (or any other established H!P group). I’m by no means a Kikkawa fangirl, but I am definitely an Egg fangirl. So some random factoids:

For your argument #2, let me just put out there that the original H!P Egg Audition strongly suggested that those that participated would be debuting as idols, not trainees. Quoted from a recently translated Hello! Morning by I-H!P: “Hello! Pro Egg Audition 2004! You can be a solo artist like Matsuura Aya, or join a new unit like Berryz Koubou, or a futsal athlete, or even a member of Morning Musume!! You can: by participating in Hello! Pro Audition.” The original Eggs and I’d imagine any Eggs that joined in subsequent years (2005-2007), expected that they’d be treated more like Johnny’s Jrs (who mostly all eventually debut on some level), rather than their current “trainee” role.

For #3, Arihara Kanna is the best counter argument. Okada passed the Hello! Pro Egg audition with intention for her to debut in Biyuuden; she was never treated as “an Egg.” Arihara, however, was. She was an Egg from the beginning, got an opportunity to release a single with Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai, and was then promoted into C-ute. And despite her later “scandal” and “bunion graduation,” C-ute has been a strong addition to the Hello! Project lineup. (Lesser arguments can be made on similar points with other groups like Ongaku Gatas which allowed for Noto and Mano’s solo careers)

The only point that needs to be made is that Tsunku works in mysterious ways. I’ve been a fan since 1999 (but didn’t really start fangirling until 2000, after 4th generation joined) and for every audition since then, I never initially liked any of the decisions Tsunku made. I hated 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th generation when they first joined, however I absolutely adore the current MM lineup. Tsunku definitely has a gift to see potential, and he understands group dynamics. Kikkawa’s good, that’s why she was added to the Eggs, but she’s not /that/ good. I completely agree with you on #4. During the MM auditions and even in MilkyWay, I personally never saw a strong drive with her. And you definitely need one to be a MM-er

9 02 2010
9 02 2010

Yuu joining Momusu would be too obvious and we know our Soonk. Imageboard popularity =/= group popularity. TV shows doesn’t care if they’re pretty, they need to be fun. And Yuu didn’t show any personality yet (and she had chances). So yeah, agree. Though I don’t think she’ll join Momusu anytime soon alone, maybe she’d look good there with more Eggs or new girls. Momusu needs new faces, Yuu only would be the group’s Yurina – a pretty girl, and that’s it.

9 02 2010

I don’t think she should be added to Morning Musume either but I’m wondering if we shouldn’t also consider Fujimoto Miki, who initially failed the 4th gen audition but was brought back as a soloist and then 6th gen member. Now, clearly, she’s Mikitty and therefore far superior to pretty much everyone else on Earth, but it does set a precedent and is probably the closest comparison to what people are hoping for with Yuu.

9 02 2010

That would be a good comparison, except that comparing a soloist and an Egg is like comparing a shoe and a computer–there is none. They are completely different levels. The reason Mikitty was added to MM is because her solo career wasn’t going well. She was never in the “trainee” status like Yuu. Yuu has no career to speak of (a temporary anime unit hardly counts, many Eggs have had those). There is no measurement of how well/badly it has gone because it has not existed. H!P didn’t want to let Mikitty go; they could care less about any given Egg.

9 02 2010

mmm I don’t know. Your arguments don’t seem pretty convincent. And It had never crossed my mind to add Kikkawa Yuu in MM :

#2 I love Narsha, but I don’t think she should be metioned, simply because she in a Korean idol group. There is a lot of difference between kidols and jpidols, so no, she doesn’t count. And for Aichan and SPEED, yeah it’s true that they are older than normal idols, but it’s not like the pop in here at their 20’s. I think there is a big difference between start at 15 and continue to be an idol for a lon time than debut at 20’s. And I don’t consider Milky Way a real start, just another egg group, with Koha in the mix

#3 I think that Kanna and Miki have proved you can join a major group, specially Miki that did have and audition for MM. And in that time Eggs didn’t exist, so it makes sense she debuted inmediatly

4# That argument about “if she was better she would be in Morning Musume and not Aika ” is quite weak. Not for Aika (I’m honestly dont care for either of them to know who is better) but Tsunko makes a lot of questionable decisions all the time. Miki was far superior than 3, 4 and 5 generation together, but she didn’t got accepted. Personality-wise none of them were brilliant, either. So there is no explenation why she wasn’t accepted at her first try.

About the stamina and discipline, well those are things you can archieve with time

I’m not really a pro-egg or anti-egg I stand neutral to ALL of them, not only Yuu . I only hope 9 generation will have some talent : /

9 02 2010

Agree. For someone who was rejected for a MoMusume audition and to be recruited back to the company afterward, you have to be as successful as MiKitty to each think about joining MoMusume as an add on.

11 02 2010

Yuu’s got a lovely voice. I agree that so far she hasn’t shown the energy that Aika has, and perhaps Tsunku had that in mind during the auditions – we can’t really know what was going on in his head. I know that I’m very happy both that Aika’s in the group and that Yuu is still with us.

I can see her becoming a soloist if she can perform with some energy. My concern is that her personality comes off as a little too close to Mano’s as it stands and her KiraRevo character is partially to blame (her image song could have been a Mano single). Let’s see if they try to distance her from that in the next few Egg concerts and events.

11 07 2010

Ur a bitch….

14 01 2011

Well now that Mizuki has graduated into Morning Musume and it looks ever more likely Kikka is going to get a solo career I think it is time to post a retraction on this :p

27 01 2012
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1 09 2016
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