Recent Releases

2 06 2010

Here’s some reviews for some of the more recent Kpop/Jpop releases:

Cabi Song by 2PM/SNSD:

SNSD’s voices are all so pretty.  They definitely outshine 2PM.  I love this song, even if it is a bit repetitive.  And God, can I get a poster of that cover?  😀

Rating: !!!!/!!!!!


You can so tell Rain produces this group.  It’s like “Y” is the song that didn’t fit on Rain’s Love Song single, so he gave it to MBLAQ instead.  Haha.  There’s waaaay to much autotune on this minialbum where it’s definitely not needed.  All the tracks sound a lot alike, leaving a lot to be wanting.  The semi-ballad “One Better Day” is the only change of pace, and while I like upbeat dance tunes, it’d be nice to hear something else when I know they’re more dynamic than this.

Rating: !!!/!!!!!

Huh by 4minute

4minute yet again release an album with loads of autotune and club beats.  Granted, I like this album better than “Hot Issue”, it’s still a bit boring.  “Huh” is really catchy, as is “Highlight”.  Their attempts at ballads are nice, but they still end up being pretty upbeat.  “Cool and Natural” is actually one of my favorite tracks.  BEAST has become probably one of my most favorite groups, so to hear them on “Who’s Next” (even if it isn’t much) is nice (but YoSeob, I don’t hear you D: ).

Rating: !!!!/!!!!!

Destination by SS501

God I love “Love ya.”  Actually, what I love about is shown throughout the whole album.  They mix classical with club beats.  It’s beatiful and with all of their talented voices… it leaves nothing unsaid.  What really caught me about the “Love ya” MV was that it opened with an orchestra, something I’ve only seen ARASHI do before them.  It wasn’t quite “truth”, but it was still really good nonetheless.  The rest of the tracks are a bit N-sync for me, God especially the ballads.  I wish there was at least one or two more upbeat tracks.  Still, “Love ya” is so awesome it kind of makes up for the rest of the boring (admitedly, “Forever” is absolutely beautiful).

Rating: !!!!/!!!!!

Ponytail to Shushu by AKB48

God I love this song.  I thought they weren’t gonna be able to top “RIVER”, but this is definitely a suitable successor.  The PV screams AKB–bikinis.  Everywhere.  I really like the song, though.  The chorus just flows and you can’t help but want to sing along.  The Undergirls’ “Nusumareta Kuchibiru” is pretty awesome and also classic AKB.  “Boku no Yell” is the only song I dislike, it just drolls on and on.  But “Maji Teppen Blues” is pretty entertaining; the majority of it isn’t singing.

Raiting: !!!!!/!!!!!

Yume Miru 15sai by S/mileage

Tsunku, really, no wonder no one buys H!P stuff.  If I saw that cover, I wouldn’t be compelled to buy it either.  The title song, however, is fantastic.  I was rather disappointed when I found out these girls’ debut single was going to be a cover song, but it’s actually really good.  I don’t know why I was dismayed, because now that I think about it, I’ve loved all of H!P’s past cover songs.  Anyway, the PV is really dull for a debut, but it’s H!P.  I guess these girls have to prove themselves before they get a good PV.  They debuted at #5 on the Oricon weekly charts, which isn’t too bad considering their competition.  “Thank You! Creme Brulee no Youjou” sounds a lot like the title song, but they both really show of these girls’ vocal ability, which is important for a debut I suppose.  Anyway, overall, pretty good for a debut!

Rating: !!!!!/!!!!!



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