Just In–WG Are Still Amazing

7 07 2010

I just got back from the Wonder Girls concert!  It was AMAZING to say the least!!!  It was a small venue, a not-so-lively crowd, and one rather rude bouncer trying to take all of our cameras, but it was AWESOME.  And 2AM opened instead of 2PM, but they were still exciting!!!!

I’ll try to remember the setlist as best I can, but it isn’t exactly easily accessable.

They opened with intense short dances behind a curtain that got the crowd going.  I can’t remember the opening number, but then they performed “Goodbye” from their first album.  I wasn’t really expecting that, in fact I would have much rather expected to see “Ii Pabo”, but it was a powerful opener.  All I could think of for the first couple of songs was WOW.  They stunned me.  What especially stunned me was that SoHee didn’t suck.  She really seems to fail on Korean music shows, but this showed me completely different.

Then they got to the solos, which surprised me.  Lim introduced all the other members, with the “So this is what you know about them…” (Sun is caring, a good leader; Yenny is sweat and gentle; YuBin is a “diva”; SoHee is the cutest thing ever) and then shocked me by going “But what do you know about me?” followed with Lil Mama’s “Lipgloss”…. a song I REALLY didn’t expect from Lim.  Needless to say she ROCKED it.

YuBin performed Black Eyed Pea’s “Boom Boom POW” which was stunning.  Her ability to not only speak English but rap it that well is amazing.  In fact, my friend who came with me (not a previous WG fan) said at one point “I can’t believe how good their English accents are!”  Haha.

SoHee danced (and I say dance because it was very obviously lipsynced, but that’s okay) to Beyoncee’s “Single Ladies”, which we’ve all seen her do on Korean music shows before.  But you know, it was still better live twenty feet in front of you.

Yenny performed Duffy’s “Mercy” flawlessly.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Yenny’s voice is so beautiful.  And finally Sun finished it off with a song by my favorite American artist, Lady Gaga.  She performed “Paparazzi” powerfully.

Then they call came out and sang a samba-fied version of Pussycat Doll’s “Don’t  Cha”.  It was okay, but what really caught my attention was how creatively they transitioned it into their hit single “So Hot”.  They just took a couple words, played them around, and BAM!  So Hot!

After that they sang the Yenny-composed “Say I Love You”, which was beautiful.  During it they sprayed the first few rows (which I was in) with “snow”–soap bubbles.  Ruined my hair, but it cooled down the front area (which was SO NICE) and was perfect for the song.

They played the music video for “2 Different Tears” and then came right out and performed it–awesome!!  I loved dancing to it.  And then they got the crowd to sing along with their debut smash-hit “Tell Me”.  It was a crowd-pleaser and they even stopped the music several times to hear us all singing.  I loved it.

The end.

Or wait… maybe not?

They made us WORK for the encore.  So much I actually almost fainted (my friend held me up!) from the screaming and heat combined.

But finally they came out and performed one last song, Nobody in all it’s full glory.  THAT had everyone dancing.  =D  It was a nice ending.

Oh, and YuBin walked off stage with a Forever 21 bag.  Coincedence one of my favorite members holding a bag from my favorite store?  Hmmmmm….

Anyway.  2AM was okay, but GREATLY out-shined by the headlining act.  They promised to come back to Denver (even though it was Englewood), and SunYe made us promise that we would all return if they did.

Can’t argue with that.




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7 07 2010

wow! it must be an amazing show! yea, it always better seeing the IRL. thanks for sharing. =D

11 07 2010
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