No More Reason

8 08 2010

モー娘。から亀井ら3人が卒業! 4年ぶり新メンバーオーディション開催へ

I have no more reason to have any faith or love in Hello! Project anymore.  Every time I get accustomed to changes, Tsunku up and rips away everything I love in it.

His latest terror is graduating my three favorite members of Morning Musume.  Of course.  We all know MoMusu has been going down the tube this year music-wise, but I was clinging to my favorite girls to keep my hope that it would get better.

Obviously not.

This is, as far as I can remember, the largest MoMusu graduation ever with three members at once.  And I can’t see why he had to do it at the same time.  At least wean us off of it if nothing else.  I would still be very upset either way, but this I just can’t handle.

Morning Musume was the last group I was investing my hope in in Hello! Project; the last reason why I cared.  And now I don’t even have that.

So instead of ranting about how much I hate Tsunku and how much he loves to tear up my heart, I’ll just sum it up:

Goodbye Hello! Project.  It was a lovely five or six years since we’ve known each other.  But alas, we’ve grown too far apart.  I’ll still visit every once in a while, but our relationship has got to come to an end.  I will miss you very much.  Well, the old you.





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8 08 2010
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9 08 2010

Don’t just give up! There’s still the 9th Generation Audition! Put your faith and hope into that, so that H!P may find the ultimate solution to their ending path !

9 08 2010

That’s not going to happen with the age limitations being 10-17. No way. Now they can’t move to better music even because the new girl(s) will be too young.

No, it would take a HELL of a lot more than one audition for H!P to redeem itself. And that’s just not going to happen.

9 08 2010

Faith with MM went down hill for the longest time with 8th audition. How could you not pick Kikkawa Yuu when she had everything you wanted? You could see the sparkle in her eye that she really wanted it… and I think a lot of fans would of been happy but you can’t always pick the ugly duckling.

I’m so happy you decided to let H!P go, as I did. UFA/Tsunku keeps making all these bad decisions (cheap PVs, bad A-side songs, etc, etc.)

Just wait when 9th auditions comes, and watch when AKB48 snatches the rejects… only if they snatched Kikkawa Yu too then AKB48 would be so much better haha!

9 08 2010

That’s because AKB isn’t run by an idiot. End of story.

1 01 2011

And Tsunku’s lyrics sucks, :/

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