TOP! Part 8 – Men I Would Love to Marry

10 08 2010

–Or alternatively titled “The Sexiest Men in Asia”.


Here’s the eighth part of my TOP! series!  It’s been a while!  Sashiburi~ If I had done this a year ago, every single person on this list would have been a JE idol (or a Japanese actor) with the exception of maybe HanKyung from Super Junior (who now repulses me, but that’s another rant for another post).  My life has been taken over by Kpop, as you will see.  But I’ve also just grown really tired and disappointed in the Japanese idol industry (still loving those solo singers… Ayu I love you!)  So!  Here’s the top five six okay, seven men I would love to marry, including several honorable mentions!, a first for my TOP! series !

06. LeeTeuk and DongHae from Super Junior (tied)

I really can’t pick between these two.  A couple of weeks ago it would have been just DongHae.. who has always had me squealing.  He’s really turned into quite the man.  He’s becoming a much better singer, has always been an amazing dancer, and is getting really sexy.  Mmmm.  And LeeTeuk… shit, I don’t care if he’s ten years older than me.  If he’s that old and STILL that hot, that good of a singer AND dancer, I will bang him any day.  Or even better, marry them.  Or even BETTER YET, move to Utah and marry them BOTH!  ❤

05. T.O.P. from BIG BANG

BB was my first hip hop love, and T.O.P. was my first love in the group.  Yeah, he’s a little too gangsta, but he’s suave and sexy.  And damn he is hot in a suit with a gun.  (IRIS, ilu <3)  He’s arguably one of the best rappers in Kpop, and I just have a thing for rappers.  Especially this one.  😀  He’s probably my longest-standing Kpop crush.  And even though I’d probably just be one of his ho’s, I’d totally be okay just banging him every once in a while if I didn’t get to marry him.  (After this post is over, I swear I’m going to hell)

04. Mir from MBLAQ

Another rapper.  ❤  The thing about Mir is that he’s not only incredibly sexy, he’s incredibly awkward too!!  And I’m incredibly awkward, so we’d have an amazing awkward marriage that would just make my heart happy.  Also, if I married Mir, I would get to see a lot of Lee Joon.  ;D  But Mir’s better, f’sho.  He’s just beautiful.  And I can never take him seriously as a rapper because he’s just so pretty.  True shit.

03. RAIN (Bi)

SEXIEST NINJA EVER.  Seriously, sex just pours from Rain as easily as sweat does.  Everything he does just has you drooling everywhere.  I even got my best friend (not an asianfanatic) to fall in love with him.  He’s just too sexy.  Which is why he isn’t #1.  I think my brain would just explode getting to see that every day.  So maybe I can just be an affair or something.  idec.

TaeMin says: "F*ck me~"

02. TaeMin from SHINee

I never thought I would like SHINee.  That is, until I discovered TaeMin (and the epicness that is everything they release).  Seriously, I just can’t understand how someone can be that adorable and hot at the same time.  I just can’t.  Some of you may say “BUT HE’S SO YOUNG!”  To which I say screw that, I’m only a YEAR older than him!  So it’s perfectly game for me!  Bring it on all you nasty old women who want a piece of him!  AND if he comes to America, we could legally get married.  Take that bitches.  (“Ohoho, I’m Mrs. Lee TaeMin, nice to meet you~”)

01. Yang YoSeob from BEAST

PLEASE CAN HAS?!  ZOMG.  Seriously.  If I ever ran into this man, I would probably strip down right then and there and shout “I’M YOURS, TAKE ME~!”  It’s not just that he’s sexy, he’s cute sometimes too, he looks awesome blonde (which I rocked for a while too), awesome slightly less blonde as well, he’s part of one of my favorite boy groups, and his voice is just so beautiful it melts my soul.  And the sight of him melts my heart.  And marrying him would just melt all of me in general.  …sigh.  😀

Honourable Mentions

~Niel from Teen Top

Now this honestly makes me feel like a pedo.  This kid just needs some time to ripen.  Once he hits 18… man will he be a hot commodity.  He already at 15 has an amazing voice and is so friggin cute!  Gawd.  I swear, once it’s legal, I would love to bang him.

~JongHyun’s VOICE from SHINee

Now, please do not mistake me here.  I would NEVER want to marry or even f*ck JongHyun (okay, that might be a bit of a white lie).  But I would marry his voice in a heartbeat.  It’s stunning.  One of the best in Asia.  And yes.  I did just say all of that.

~Hizaki from Versailles

He’s on honourable mention because Hizaki is the only Japanese celebrity I want to marry at this point (yes, this is a man).  Partially because he can play epic guitar in 5,000 pounds of clothing.  But mostly because he’s so pretty.  Yes, I have a thing for pretty men, obviously, okay?  (No, that doesn’t translate to I like girls.  Just pretty men :D)



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