Utterly Perplexed

31 08 2010

So ever since SHINee’s latest ablum LUCIFER came out I’ve been absolutely obsessed with them because that song is the absolute SHIT.  And TaeMin is just about the sexiest maknae out there.  And JongHyun’s voice is to die for.

But anyway.  I decided I wanted the mp3 for Juliette (one of their first singles) randomly and headed over to the music rotation site I worship frequent (bestfiction@lj–check it out, it’s AWESOME) and it turned out to not be on the album I thought it was.  But what the hell, why not go on a downloading spree?  So I went and downloaded every album of theirs.

And dude, shit.  SHINee’s always been freakin amazing?  What??

See, I have this weird OCD where I can’t stand songs being unrated on my iTunes library, so I went through and was listening to them.  Well, I’ve only gotten through 2009, Year of Us, and shit.  It’s so fucking amazing.  Seriously.

What the hell was I thinking hating SHINee all this time?!

New rule: Don’t judge new rookie groups until you actually listen to them.  I could have enlightened myself with the beauty and flawlessness that is SHINee so long ago.



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