Anyone Else Excited?

3 09 2010

I seriously cannot wait for 2NE1’s comeback this month.   Everything about this release has me bouncing up and down in my swivel chair.  Three title tracks, the really odd way they seem to be promoting it (private recording of the debut performance?  hmm…), the tracklist, but most of all…

credit to allkpop

The fucking hot promotional pictures.

Seriously, guys.  Just stare at that picture for a moment and even without music you can awe at 2NE1’s undeniable fashion genius.  I mean, yes, their music is to die for, but when there hasn’t been any of that for eight months (if you count “Try to Follow Me”), shit.  These pictures are awesome.

So I prepared a few words.

Dear Bom,

The red is sexy.  Red+ugly green is not.  Plz to switch jackets with CL.  😀  kthxbai.

Dear CL,

You’re hot as always.  But everyone else did something new, so you too please.  (Although I’m not really complaining about how the attention is drawn straight to those lips… or sexy long sexhair.)

Dear DARA,

How are you so flawlessly beautiful even in anything and can make show curtains chic and sexy?  No, seriously.  I want to know how to wear one to a club and look hot.  It’s about a hundred dollars cheaper than the dresses I buy.

Dear Minzy,

Shit, that’s hot.
(PS- Fuck, are you still only 16??  How does that work??  Also, henna is fine, but girl, if you ever tattoo your chest, I will fly to Korea and bitchslap you.  Already had my sister do that, trust me, you don’t want to.)


Definitely not gay.  But I would probably go lesbian if one of those four girls offered.  Just sayin.


Again, Minzy, wtf?  How are you 16?!

PS- It’s sad how long it took me to get “To Anyone” by 2NE1.  Hahahahahaha.  Get it?  Yeah, I didn’t.



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