Just. Wow.

10 01 2011

I haven’t given you guys an update in a couple months, so here’s how things are right now:

Fugly Little Girls Join the Formerly Epic that was Morning Musume
Takahashi Ai, half the reason anyone knows who MoMusu is anymore, Is Graduating at the End of the Year

Jesus.  Seriously?  Fuck you, Tsunku.  Thank you so much for taking the past year and the rest of 2011 to ruin the entirety of H!P for me EVEN MORE.


(PS- Does anyone even read my blog anymore?  Is it worth it to start updating?  Lol~)



3 responses

11 01 2011

Yes. I read it. UPDATE! 😛 Um…you never know, Momusu might surprise you?
*dodges flying objects*

18 03 2011

A bit off topic, but why don’t you like Hankyung any more? You said in another post you found him repulsive.. just curious what made you change your mind.

Maybe you could do a post on TOP least favorite boy/girl idols and talk about it in detail 😀

12 01 2012

I have a huge problem with the super egos and breaking up groups for money. Same thing with JYJ, honestly. And I’m not really fond of his new music.

That’s a really good idea, actually. Thank you! 😀

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