Wonder Girls “DJ is Mine” Review

12 01 2012

I realize it was a long time ago, but do you guys remember waaaaaaaay back when when I was increasingly losing interest in my first Kpop love, the Wonder Girls?  And then I went to their concert in Denver and I fell in love again?  Well, I lost interest again because I got bored, they weren’t releasing anything, and everyone else in Kpop was way more interesting.

Wonder World has been my favorite album of theirs so far.  “Be My Baby” was FAR superior to “2 Different Tears” or “Nobody.”  It definitely rekindled my love for them.  When I heard they would be doing a Teen Nick movie, I was partially excited that they broke from Disney, but mostly still disappointed because… it’s still a kid-geared station with cheesy scripts and generally bad acting.

Wow, did “DJ is Mine” ever change my mind.  I was going to say “Be My Baby” was the best Wonder Girls single to date, but man.  “DJ is Mine” surpasses “Tell Me.”  It is by far the best song they have released yet.  Seriously.

I was very surprised that “Nobody” even charted on Billboard.  I mean, honestly, it’s just not geared for America.  But this, oh, this song is much better.  If you haven’t heard it yet, you are seriously missing out.

This is the song that will break the Wonder Girls into the American music market.  It’s written by a well-known North American composer.  It has those dumb nonsensical lyrics that American listeners just eat up because they don’t want to have to think about it (oh, yeah, and plenty of innuendo).

I really only have two teensy tinsy complaints with this.  The first is specifically the music video.  I’m sorry, those wannabes–er, the School Gyrls *cough*–are just… annoying.  WG obviously has more talent and they’re just stealing camera time.  However, if you’d like to drop a buck or two, iTunes has a version of the song with just the Wonder Girls, and it is far superior.

The other one is the serious lack of Lim in this song.  I realize we all of Sohee here, but Lim is a really great singer and she’s the most fluent in English of all the girls.  While I realize she’s still warming up to the Korean fans who miss SunMi, the American listeners don’t even know who that is.  And while Sohee’s vocals have holyshitaLOT improved, Lim is just a better singer.  Not that you can tell with all the autotune in this song.

That aside, I’m still fangasming and this has been out for 24 hours now.  There is seriously no other flaws with anything about this song.

The dance and outfits are AWESOME.  The girls are hot and the dance is a great mix of Wonder Girls and America.  The song is completely America, but the dance is what reminds you that, oh yeah, this 4 minutes of goddess-like gold is still our adorable little Wonder Girls from South Korea.

As always, YeEun and SunYe’s vocals are stunning and perfect.  I really like how long of a rap Yubin gets and how well she pwns it.  In the music video, the two groups are flailing at each other (oh, sorry, was that supposed to be a battle? Couldn’t tell) during the rap, and sorry to say, but Yubin had it in the bag from the beginning.  The American rapper is all: “WUT. WUT. AMA GANGSTA.  LOOKIT MY VAGINA AND BOOBS.  WUT.”  And then Yubin goes: “Uh.  Bitch please.  I got class and gangsta.  Whatcha gonna do about it?  Let me reiterate that.”

Seriously, kudos for complex English words.  I have several friends (older than me, too) who don’t even know what reiterate means.

I easily give this song a bajillion/5.  I highly recommend it to l0ng-time WG fans, new Kpop fans, old Kpop fans who are looking to get into WG but are SNSD fans (because this, I’m sorry, is WAY better than “The Boys”), or American listeners who don’t even know what Kpop is but are looking for an awesome new favorite song.

On a slightly non sequitur note: Yeah, come on.  Nothing else is going to break it into the American market like this except for 2NE1.  I have no doubt 2NE1 will rock America.  But, come on, Girls Generation.  “The Boys” is not America material, it’s hardly even Korea material.  Neither has been any of the Wonder Girl’s other attempts.  This is gonna be the big Kpop break in America, I’m confident.



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13 01 2012
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