Hello! Project Round-Up: PyocoPyoco, Chotomatte, DEEP MIND, and Shining Butterfly

15 01 2012

A few H!P PVs have been released lately (okay, a couple of these are old, but I’ve been wanting to review them), and to save you clicks and me time, I’m rounding them all up into one post.  Remember, I already warned you that my patience with H!P is gone.

Morning Musume – Pyocopyoco Ultra

When I heard the radio rip for this song, I actually really liked it.  It’s really catchy on it’s own and it showcases the new members, which although isn’t great yet, it’s smart on Tsunku’s part.  If all of the lines are given to Reina or Mame, then it’ll be a PAIN once they graduate (such as, I can imagine, it is now divvying up all of Ai’s parts).

Then the covers and group concept pictures were released.

Then the MV.

Can I emphasize how much I have been disappointed with Morning Musume lately?  Leave it to Tsunku to take a perfectly good song and fuck duck it up.  To save an incredibly long rant, here’s the one good thing about this PV: Gakisan.  She really, really shines among the rest.  And I really love that her costume is different, it really shows that she’s the queen duck.  Otherwise, yeah.  There’s nothing good about this PV.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  I’ve tried about 5 times and I still cannot watch it all the way through.

Tsunku, little girls are already fans of Morning Musume.  They will listen anyway.  Especially since you’re adding kindergartners to the group.  You need to be targetting the market that is leaning to AKB: young adults and the older male fans.  You used to do it, and it worked really, really well.  Don’t know why that’s changed, but he is really throwing a great group down the tubes.  Just because the new members are young doesn’t mean they have to be dancing in duck outfits.  Seriously.

I realize the strategy Tsunku is using here with the 9th and 10th generation members.  But on the other hand, you’re sacrificing a  couple years just to hone in talent.  This makes me feel that even more, these idols need to go through the Kpop training program.  Hear me out.  I’m sure Riho will be the next Tanaka Reina or whatever.  Right now she’s not.  If you trained all these new girls for a couple years, I’m sure they’d be an incredible asset to the group.  In the mean time, add a couple more Eggs who have already trained to the group (I do think that was a smart move, Tsunku).  Then, when they’ve ripened, BAM!  Amazing group.

Don’t think it’d work?  Fujimoto Miki failed the round of auditions, then they reconsidered and trained her for a year, and look where she ended up.  One of the best singers to grace Morning Musume.  I hate to use this example, but Kikkawa You debuted as a soloist after failing Morning Musume auditions and a couple years of training as an Egg.

Just saying.

S/mileage – Chotomatte Kudasai

First of all, I really, really miss Ogawa Saki and Maeda Yuuka.  They made S/mileage.  If Wada Ayaka or Fukuda Kanon leave… I don’t even want to think about it.  I hated the new members at first.  They’re so awkward.  But I really enjoyed “Pkease Miniskirt Postwoman!”, so I think maybe in time when they start being less awkward, I’ll like the 2nd generation members.  (Has anyone else noticed this is only the second project group in all of H!P?)

I hardly think S/mileage has been around long enough to have a “classic,” but the drawing on the screen definitely seems to fit that description with this group.  Also, anyone get a “Mr. Moonlight” feel here?  Not only the dresses, but the set looks… almost the same.  If not that, it definitely gives me a Momoiro Clover feel.

The PV is very, very cheesy.  Hard to watch.  And the song  and dance (BAD CHOREOGRAPHY HOLY CRAP) are definitely a step down from the last one.  However, the thing I really like about S/mileage is that their songs are always so up-beat and 8bit and they always take vocal challenges that you never see in, oh, a group like Morning Musume (it’s happening more often with Berryz Koubou).

The PV is very childish, but S/mileage is a bunch of children, so I suppose that’s acceptable.  I like the high parts in the song, but that’s about it.  Still, this is better than Pyocopyoco Ultra.  😀

 (Sorry, no full PV on youtube)

Dream Morning Musume – Shining Butterfly

MARIPPE.  MIKITTY.  *squee*  I’ve been very disappointed with this group so far, but this song/PV has given me new hope in them.  (Also, I’m really glad Ai didn’t join this group after her graduation.  It would have ruined it for me.)

I get a very AKB-feel with this PV.  Maybe that’s because, OMIGAWSH, WUT, A STORYLINE?!  FROM A UFA PV?! NOWAI, RLY GUISE?!?!? RLY?!?!?!?!  Yeah.  Really.  I like it a lot, too.  I like that Yuko’s the mama and they’re all like sisters.  Koharu and Rika are gorgeous, as always.  (And squee, only Yossi could get away with bitchslapping Rika.)

The song itself is very reminiscent of oldschool!Musume, as I suppose it should be.  The members are doing harmonies themselves, the dances are simple and cheesy, and Abe and Rika get most of the solos (still, couldn’t take my eyes off of Mikitty and Marippe).  Throughout the years, all of their voices (except maybe Koharu) have really gotten beautiful.  This group could really push the boundaries and go somewhere vocally.

I only have two complaints with this video: 1) Takahashi Ai is really, really randomnly placed.  It makes no sense why she’s there and it’s only for a couple seconds.  I think she should have been the rival for Rika’s attention, then it would have made sense and not been “OMGHAI AI! OKAY BYE NAO!”  2) The outfits for the dance shot are really, really awful.  REALLY awful.  Other than that, I seriously loved this video.  It’s my favorite out of the four I’m reviewing today!

Buono! – DEEP MIND

I really like the set of this PV, as well as the dark atmosphere, the outfits, and, as always, Buono!’s band.  The song itself is really catchy as well, I love how non-H!P it is.  But, to be honest, I found myself getting really bored of the song and PV about half way through.

What happened to partenza?  Seriously, that minialbum was GOLD.  I haven’t enjoyed a whole H!P album like that in who knows how long (probably since 10 MY ME by MoMusu).  I was hoping for something like that with DEEP MIND, but alas, no such luck.  The autotuned effect in the bridge of this song sounds really out of place.  Like, “Oh, yeah, this is the same group that did partenza, remember?”  Except badly.

Buono!’s becoming one of those groups that just tweaks the songs and PVs just enough to make it new, but it’s the same thing time after time.  I remember them having REALLY CATCHY SONGS that I would listen to on repeat for weeks and REALLY CATCHY CHOREOGRAPHY that I couldn’t stop dancing along with.  They’ve gotten… boring.  Granted, they’re one of my favorite H!P units right now (second to Berryz Koubou), I just wish they would spice it up.  Their only redeeming quality to me right now is that Tsunku isn’t really involved in their music.



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