Nana Mizuki – “Synchrogazer”

18 01 2012

My goal for 2012 is to not be so limited in what I listen to.  Not that I won’t be biased, but there’s many artists that either I’ve a) never heard of or b) haven’t listened to because they’re competition for my favorites.  I did this just a little in 2011 and discovered many hidden treasures that I had been shying myself away from.  So why not go even further?

My first new Jpop listen of the year is Nana Mizuki and her new single Synchrogazer.  I don’t know if I can really call her a new listen, though.  See, I thought I had never even heard of her before.  But as it turns out, Mizuki’s in everything.  No, seriously.  I haven’t watched many animes since I was 6, but nearly all the ones I have she’s been in.  I’ve played half the games she’s voiced characters for, and thus have heard her sing the theme songs for them before.  She’s even dubbed characters for the Japanese version of my favorite TV show and several others I used to enjoy.

Think you don’t know who she is?  You may want to look at her heavily extensive resume and think again.

So I stumbled upon her latest, “Synchrogazer.”  I probably wouldn’t have watched it had it not had such a cool title and she not looked so stunning on that cover.  Together, they intrigued me just enough to watch the music video.

I have to say, for a seiyuu, she has some impressive pipes.  She reminds me an awful lot of Ayumi Hamasaki.  They both have that strained feeling with the high notes, but it isn’t distracting to me for either of them.  Only, Mizuki looks about 20 years old (she’s actually 34.   Damn.), while Ayu, although gracefully, is starting to look her age.

They CGI’d Mizuki’s eyes blue in the close up shots, and I have to be honest, it really sketches me out.  Other than that, she’s gorgeous.  I love her dress and ribon made out of washers.  I don’t really understand the theme of the video, but this an anime theme song, so it’s safe to assume that the video is reflecting the anime is some way or another.

The weird bald black interpretive dancing cyborg is pretty awesome.  It really hooked me to see it “power up” as the video started.  While some of her his its dance moves are kind of awkward, the others are really modern (read: the dance style modern) and fit the song really well in my opinion.  It would have been cool to see Mizuki doing some kind of dance as well.  I was going to say in her defense, she is hooked up to tons of chords… but so is the bald black interpretive dancing cyborg.  So no excuses, sorry Mizuki.  Should have danced.

The one thing that really bugged me about this video was the numerous shots of her sleeping in a capsule.  NOTHING HAPPENS the ENTIRE video.  You just watch her sleep in a capsule for half of it.  Lights go across the protective glass towards the end, but still nothing.  Oh wait, her hand twitches after the music stops.


Totally does not warrant half the video of boring shots when we could have been watching bald black interpretive dancing cyborg or sketchy super blue eyes.

I predominantly like the music video, though.  And I really love the song.  Her falsetto in the intro is gorgeous and really hooks you into the song.  While I didn’t like the other tracks on the single nearly as much, “Synchrogazer” is definitely staying on my iPod.  I think I’ll add Nana Mizuki to my watch list.

If you guys think I should try out any other artists that I don’t talk about all the time, let me know!



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23 01 2012

gasp!? not heard of mizuki :O she IS in everything lol i had been hearing her for years b4 i finally heard Tenkyuu no Canaria (OP to tales of symphonia OVA tethe’alla ) and i had to know who was singing it – boom.. nana mizuki, girl i had been telling myself “ill google her” for like 3 years…Video’s theme is about protecting urself from the darkness or something close to that she says.. and the black stuff is his blood flowing into her. Ur so late into the nana scene! shes done so much now u gotta check out her recent stuff! she was just the first seiyuu and one of few females to EVER perform at Tokyo Dome this last december !
Really hate ayumi comparisons X_X nana probably has more of a falsetto then a soprano voice, (she can hit some really low notes.. and shes trained as an enka singer.. which usually involves low deep vibrato more then high shrill-ness) but!!! Nana’s vibrato outclasses ayumi on every song imaginable X_X i love ayumi and all, but she tends to add WAY 2 MUCH vibrato to every little end of a bar in music and it really irks me to the fact i had to train myself to ignore it.

24 01 2012

I’ve been trying to catch up. I find Mizuki’s music hit-and-miss. I either really like it or hate it. Loved Pop M@ster, though. I started watching her Tokyo Dome Concert DVD; I felt that was a good place to start.

You have to admit they sound an awful lot alike. And I agree, Mizuki has better control over her falsetto, but Ayu can hit some very deep notes, so I think they’re equal besides the falsetto. I also disagree about the vibrato. I think Mizuki’s actually just a bit more vibrato-crazy. It’s not a bad thing for either artist. But Ayu usually leaves it out of her faster paced songs until the end of a verse or chorus, and I’m hearing it on almost every longer-than-a-second Mizuki note.

I’m sure we both hear a bit different, though, because I’ve been listening to Ayu since I was 9 years old and just got into Mizuki. So I’m a bit biased. 🙂

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