30 Day Idol Challenge 1 ~Favorite~

3 02 2012

Happy Disco has morphed the fad of “30 day ____ challenge” into an idol version!  I’ve been liking these in several forms, so I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon.  I’ve apparently been really into idols lately; I’m even learning some of the AKB48 and new Morning Musume girls’ names!!  (Don’t expect me to know anyone from the ___48 groups, though.)  So prepare for a month of a lot of posts, because February is Idol Month here at Shanimuni Paradise.  Each day for the next (ideally) 30 days, I’ll be posting on the topic of the day from Happy Disco’s list.

Day 1 is about your favorite idol.  A couple days ago, I posted a TOP! on my favorite idols, so you already know who my number one is (spoiler: it’s Taemin from SHINee).  So instead, I’ll make this post about my favorite Hello! Project idol.  It’s….

Natsuyaki Miyabi of Berryz Koubou

I think Berryz Koubou is pretty much the only Hello! Project group who I get really excited about every release.  They’re the only ones Tsunku has decided to grace with awesome music still.  And unlike other groups, every single member has a remarkable personality.  It’s hard to have a favorite in Berryz because they’re all so unique.  And aside from Maasa and Risako, who are still good singers in idol standards, the group is filled with incredible vocalists.

Miya is probably the most talented of all, in my opinion.  She’s absolutely gorgeous, she’s funny, she’s relatable (I’ll never forget the interview where she said she eats fried foods with mayo despite watching her weight–I fell in love that day), she’s one of the better dancers in the group (even if no one quite compares to Captain), and she’s the vocal ace in a group of vocally talented girls.   Fans who have been around as long as I have remember her as an awkward little girl who knew was being told she was hot but wasn’t confident in it (remember Sexy Otonajan?) into a girl that is stunning and charismatic today.

While I still really like Momoko and Airi, I think Miyabi’s pretty much the only reason I watch Buono! videos anymore.  They have not been graced with good music, but I always get excited when it’s time for Miya’s solo or solo shot.  She’s the saving grace in a group of blah.

I think a lot of people criticize Miya for her awkward face, but I love it.  I think she’s stunning, even with a fugly haircut.  She could do nothing to look ugly.  Seriously.

As a side note, it was really hard to pick a favorite H!P girl because all of my favorites have graduated.  I’ve only liked Berryz since early last year.  I lost hope in my other favorite, S/mileage, when the new members joined because I really liked the OG, but “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!!!” was AWESOME; unfortunately their new single ruined my hope in them. Really, I only had seven girls to choose from.  This is a sad day, H!P, sad day.

(Although, Ikuta Erina might be creeping up my list because she looks just like my favorite Johnny’s member…)



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Do you perhaps have the full list of this challenge?

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