30 Day Idol Challenge 2 ~Hate~

4 02 2012

On day two of the 30 Day Idol Challenge/Shanimuni Paradise’s Idol Month, you must talk about an idol you hate/dislike.  There seem to be some quick answers here, such as Risako and Sayumi, but I don’t hate either of them, despite their horrific voices, because they’re gorgeous.  It’s hard to hate pretty people.  Then I could say Gen9 and 10, but I don’t know their names, so that also becomes a little too difficult.  I also don’t particularly dislike any ___48 members, except for playa!lesbian from SKE48 because she looks like a creep, but I don’t know her name either, so that’s not fair.  In the realm of Kpop, I really can’t think of any idols I can’t stand.

So that leaves only one person.  I’m sure it’s apparent by now; I’ve hated her for quite some time.  Yup, it’s…

Tanaka Reina of Morning Musume!  

Shocker, I know.

I’m sure Reina must be one of the most popular members right now, next to Sayumi.  That hasn’t ever stopped me from hating her.  From the day I became a Morning Musume fan, she’s consistently been my least favorite.

Why?  She can’t sing worth shit.  Her voice is more annoying to listen to Sayumi’s because you have to hear it for half of any given song since she joined.  I’ll admit, she’s gotten better, but it still makes me cringe to hear her, especially live.

She started off with the yankee image, which was cool I guess, but now she’s just sparkly and gross.  Her hairstyle hasn’t changed in years and I’m rather sick of it.  She’s not even prettier than other members, yet she gets the most screentime and attention.

She hardly has what it takes to be a lead vocalist, and never has.  And I’m dreading the day, soon I’m sure, when she becomes leader of Morning Musume.  I will cry for them on that day.

As far as doing her job, being an idol, I think she also is less than adequate.  She has absolutely no personality appeal.  When I’ve seen her in interviews/MCs, all I can think of is “Wow, what a self-centered whore.”  To put it nicely.  Idols are supposed to be relatable and endearing, and she must be the complete opposite.

Honestly, there isn’t a thing I can find to like about Reina.  Therefore, she’s the only choice for an idol I hate.

Why do you guys like her?  Seriously?



8 responses

5 02 2012
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5 02 2012

Don’t forget the wonky eyes lol. I used to love her, seriously adore her. But over the years she’s stopped being Reina. No more yankee stuff, she’s just sold her soul to the industry and let them mould her. (Unless I’m subjected to the brainwashing of thinking of their media persona as real, quite likely).

She is the height of idol. Don’t know what the fuck she’s meant to be, she’s lacking more and more in personality and she sings like a chew toy being torn apart lol. I still like her for the old days. Plus- she’s tooooooooo thin!!!

5 02 2012

Isn’t she?? Her skinniness frightens me.

I really didn’t mind her when she was new; she was easy to ignore and wasn’t too different from anybody else. Now she’s rubbing her awful all up in everyone’s face.

5 02 2012

I feel like if you changed Reina’s name for Sayumi, I’d agree more LOL.

5 02 2012

The major difference there is that Sayumi is GORGEOUS. I will never, ever, ever get tired of looking at her. And she’s chock-full of personality. That’s why she gets invited on variety shows more than any other H!P member.

Even though she’s awful at singing, Sayumi has a lot more to offer, unlike Reina. Who has nothing.

8 02 2012

I guess you would be shocked to hear that tsunku called her the closest thing to the perfect momusu member….. is that scream of desesperation i hear???? 😛

9 02 2012

Oh, the past few years have been one, long scream of desperation from him. I know Tsunku adores her. I think that’s a large problem of his. One of many, many, many.

10 02 2012
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