30 Day Idol Challenge 3&4 ~Girlfriend/Boyfriend~

5 02 2012

Well, I’m off to a good start.  I already missed a day.  Crap.  In my defense, I started writing yesterday, it was just late and Skyward Sword was calling my name.  Because I’m a dirty cheater, here is both day three and four, which are very similar anyway.  😀

Day 3 of Idol Month here at Shanimuni Paradise (aka Happy Disco’s 30 Day Idol Challenge) is, if I were a boy, which idol would be my girlfriend?  And Day 4 is who would I pick to be my boyfriend?

I’m having a very hard time choosing the first one because there are so many hot female idols.  I can be completely comfortable in my sexuality and find many of them fantasy-worthy, just as all of you men do.  So I decided to pick the absolute most sexy idol I could think of.  One that you can never take your eyes off of.

Actually, I’m not sure she’s even an “idol”, per say, but nevertheless, my choice for girlfriend is…

The new knocked up and shotgun wedding poster child, Koda Kumi!

Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s not an idol, but regardless, I can’t think of any idol sexier than she is.  If you can, then please let me know.

Besides being smoking hot, Koda’s also one of my favorite solo artists ever.  She has a pretty good voice and releases continuously interesting music to keep me from losing interest.

I’m almost positive at this point you guys know who I would pick to be my boyfriend.  I think I’ve only mentioned it in four or five other posts by now.  Obviously it would be SHINee’s Taemin.  And you also probably know the closest runner-ups would be BEAST’s Yoseob or Super Junior’s Donghae.  So instead of being redundant, I’ll choose who I would want to be my Japanese Idol boyfriend.

This would be…

KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya!  

I’m sure I’ve also mentioned why I love him so much.  He’s the best vocalist in the group, but he’s so endearingly shy and timid.  Probably because he’s always upstaged by Kamenashi Kazuya.  He’s also got one hell of a sexy body.  And he boxes.  And he’s open about being pervy.

Mmm.  What a man.



3 responses

5 02 2012

Ah Ueda ~ He sure doesn’t get enough love in KAT-TUN but that’s why there are fans like you and I ^.^

6 02 2012

Which is suck a shame. I wish he would have taken over Jin’s leads when he left instead of Kame taking all the leads. I mean, the lines are a lot more well-distributed, but it lacks focus on Uepi D:

6 02 2012
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