30 Day Idol Challenge 5 ~Favorite Group~

6 02 2012

Back on track, day five of Shanimuni Paradise’s Idol Month (aka the 30 Day Idol Challenge) is your favorite idol group.  I’ve been trying to keep this Jpop-friendly, but I think I have to break the mold today.  I love me some Jpop idol groups; my favorites right now are ___48 and 9nine, but even those don’t compare to how much I love my Kpop idol groups.  I’m sorry if that offends some of you.  I’ve just been much more into non-idol Jpop lately because Korea has more interesting idol groups at the moment.  What Korea lacks is good non-idol singers and bands, which has been filled by Jpop (Jrock, Koda Kumi, Goto Maki, Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, etc.).

So, as far as idol groups go, I have to choose from Kpop.  Granted, my favorites are constantly changing (as are my opinions on everything) based on current promotions, usually.  My favorite idol group promoting right now is, without a doubt, Sunny Hill.  I’ve talked about that before, though.

So, closely followed by So Nyu Shi Dae and 2NE1, my favorite idol group is….


I discovered them right before they released “Day by Day” and it was love at first sight.  Actually, that’s probably a lie, I think it took a couple listens for me to really like it, but it didn’t take very long.

I’m sure you were expecting me to say BEAST or SHINee or Super Junior based on my member biases and how T.O.P. has fallen from the top of my favorites to near the bottom.  But when we’re talking about the group as a whole, no one is better than BIG BANG.  All of your arguments are invalid.

There seriously isn’t a single release by this group that I’m not absolutely in love with.  I can’t say that for any other idol group besides 2NE1.  2NE1 has a lot to offer, but we all know YG meant for them to be the female version of BIG BANG, which means they just make BIG BANG more awesome.  Not the other way around.

BIG BANG is one of the few groups that can successfully mix serious swag, hip-hop, rap, and pop all into one fangasmic release every single time.  Shit, they’ve even played in rock and it still sounded awesome.

The reason why T.O.P. has fallen from my top idols is because I don’t just love one member of the group anymore.  I’ve really grown to love them as a whole.  Taeyang’s voice is so smooth and makes you melt.  Daesung is getting really sexy these days and “Tell Me Goodbye” made me squee every time I saw him.  Seungri is really growing into his own and getting comfortable in himself, and it is really showing, even in his solo work.  T.O.P. is still amazing.  And I’m just starting to appreciate G.D.’s charisma and talent.

I even love the solos and the subunit BIG BANG promotes.   I mean, seriously, this group can do no wrong.  They’re making their comeback in the next few months and I can hardly contain my excitement.

Honestly, in my eyes, no one else compares to BIG BANG.  They are my number 1 idol group ever.



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7 02 2012
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