30 Day Idol Challenge 6 ~Subunit~

7 02 2012

Day 6 of Idol Month/Happy Disco’s 30 Day Idol Challenge is your favorite subunit.  To save you all from reading about how much I adore Minimoni yet again, I’ll talk about my favorite active subunit.  I’ve touched on this before; I’ve just never really elaborated.

I’ve followed this subunit since their first single.  It was love at first sight.  I felt a little guilty about my love, so I’ve kept it on the down-low, but with Hello! Project’s past year and a half of disappointment, I’ve decided to be a bit more open about my AKB endeavors.

If you’ve been following my reviews, you’ll know who it is by now.  My favorite active subunit is…


I love this group so much.  I love their concept, I love the members, and I love the music!  They honestly have yet to disappoint me.

I didn’t want to listen to them at first because I really liked Chocolove and no3b replaced them.  Eventually I got around to listening to “Relax!” and I was stunned.  I’d still say that, to this date, that is my favorite song ever.  It’s so upbeat and catchy and uplifting.  I have a serious lack of relaxation in my life, so when I want to feel good for a couple minutes, that’s the song I go to.

Not all of their music has been uplifting like “Relax!”, but a lot of it has, especially their latest, “Pedicure Day.”  Despite that, I love even their serious music, such as “Lies,” “Kimi Shika,” and “Kiss no Ryuusei.”

I rarely dislike any of their songs.  And as I’ve said before, Minami² and Haruna have become most of my favorite members of AKB48 because of no3b.  Their drama was adorable.  Seriously, I love no3b.



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