30 Day Idol Challenge 7 ~Idol Pairings~

10 02 2012

So, day seven of Idol Month/Happy Disco’s 30 Day Idol Challenge is your favorite idol pairing. I’m not quite so what this is meant to be, so I’m going to take it a few different ways for you today.

The first way this can be taken is my favorite two idols that work well together, have complimentary personalities, are charismatic together, always seem to be together during interviews and performances, and generally just compliment each other in their group.

And then, of course, there’s the fangirl way of taking it. OTP. Daydreams of these idols doing obscene things together (or fanfiction) because they’re both SO DAMN HOT together. And because of fanservice. Damn fanservice. I don’t want to over-Kpop you here, so I have both a J-Idol OTP and a K-Idol OTP.

The first one, my favorite non-OTP idol pairing is…

Junjun and Linlin!

They could have been the next W.  They had everything.  Looks, talent, charisma… ah, the pandas.  I miss them so much. You rarely had one without the other in Morning Musume, except for Linlin’s solos, which in themselves were few and far between.  They got so little attention, but they had the perfect personalities for the group.  I could have seen them powerhousing Morning Musume to the international community and raising the bar for talent in the group, but alas, Tsunku hates all things good.  I have a really hard time picking which one is my favorite between these two, but that’s really because I just love them too much as a pair.

My favorite J-Idol OTP is…

OhnoxNino from ARASHI.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve only been into K-Idol fanfiction in the past year or two, so I can’t remember much about this pairing.  I know I like both of them and they’re adorable together, but ARASHI has long since lost my interest.  I just didn’t want this to be a Kpop Overload of Idol Month, so I felt the need to put this in.  I remember Ohno/Nino being my favorite J-Idol OTP, I just can’t remember any specifics about it.  Sorry.

Onto what I really care about.  My K-Idol OTP is…

2min (Taemin/Minho) from SHINee!

I’m such a huge shipper of this pairing.  I love them together.  I love Taemin period, he’s so adorable, and Minho’s so suave and charismatic that I can’t help but love them together.  Their fanfics are to die for.  Seriously.  If you haven’t read the 2min fanfics over at interspered on livejournal… you need to.  Like now.  She’s the best.  They aren’t hard to find over there, it’s her OTP as well.  OH, ALSO, if you haven’t seen the salsa dance 2min did… ohohohohohohoho….

See what I mean?  Yum.

Close runner-ups for this are HoMin (Changmin/Yunho from DBSK), HyukHae (Eunhyuk/Donghae from Super Junior), and Kevin/SooHyun (U-Kiss).

In case you didn’t notice by now, yeah, I’m a closet fujoshi.  Sue me.

(PS-This is only a day late because wordpress was a complete retard yesterday and all buggy and misfunctioning.  Sorry!!)



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11 02 2012
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