30 Day Idol Challenge 10 ~”Undebuted”~

11 02 2012

On the tenth day of Idol Month, my true love gave to me 10 kenkyuusei~

Just kidding.  It does fit the song, though.  Do it.  Sing it.

Didn’t it fit perfectly?

So anyway, the tenth day of the 30 Day Idol Challenge/Idol Month/February is your favorite “undebuted” idol.  See, the problem with this is that I just don’t care about undebuted idols anymore.  A long time ago I really enjoyed watching the Hello!Pro Eggs, but I stopped when all the ones I liked debuted because I followed their debuted groups.  I’ve never cared about Kenkyuusei before.  And I have no idea who else qualifies under this category.

So, I’ll say the only undebuted idol who I know about…

Jang Dayeon of  Hello!Pro Eggs.

I was really hopeful when Dayeon won the Hello! Project Korea auditions because I thought it meant either a) an H!P Kpop group or b) MoMusu moving to the Korean market with a Korean Panda.  But alas, neither happened.  She’s been bucketed to the Eggs.

I don’t think she’s the best dancer or singer that auditioned in Korea, but damn, she’s really naturally gorgeous.  I really, really hope that she headlines a H!P Kpop group.  Or becomes the Korean version of the Pandas yet.

I’m not entirely sure I can call her my favorite, but she’s the only one I know by name.



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12 02 2012
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