30 Day Idol Challenge 11 ~Solo Idol~

11 02 2012

Day eleven of the 30 Day Idol Challenge/Idol Month is who is your favorite solo idol?  This makes it hard for me to draw the line between what is an idol and what isn’t.  Ah, all of these days have been really hard for me to pinpoint exactly what the prompt is. Damn.

If you count the likes of Koda Kumi and Ayumi Hamasaki as idols, then they would probably be my favorites.  But I’m not entirely sure they count as idols?  I’ve never heard someone refer to any of the 5QUEENS as idols.  If this is members of groups who release solo singles, then my favorite is probably Song Jieun from Secret.  I would say Lee Hyori, but she’s been on hiatus too long for me to remember why I love her (hint: PLEASE MAKE A COMEBACK HYORI).

So, that leaves one other favorite solo idol.  At least I think she can still be counted as an idol.  It’s…

Goto Maki!

I actually really didn’t care for Gocchin until just before she left Hello! Project.  I liked her more catchy singles by Tsunku, and hated the ballads he made her sing, so she was hit or miss with me.  What really impressed me was that she actually left Hello! Project.

There have been a couple solo artists that were just blatantly held down by Tsunku.  Another one was Matsuura Aya.  She had great potential, but sadly, Tsunku’s forte has never been solo artists.  And it may also be the fault of UFA; they just aren’t marketed well under their management.

So when Goto Maki decided to make a name for herself as an artist instead of the girl who really stood out in Morning Musume, I really started to pay attention.  The few releases she’s had under Avex have been better than her entire H!P solo work combined.  Not only is the music just plain better because it has nothing to do with Tsunku, but she’s been able to sing about what she wants to sing about.  She’s grown immensely as an artist and woman.

If she had more time, I have absolutely no doubt that she would be the biggest competition for Koda Kumi.  Hell, she could even surpass her because Gocchin doesn’t have a scandal hindering her sales.

I am incredibly sad that she’s going on hiatus (or leaving the industry entirely?  Can someone clear this up for me?), but oh man has she been through a rollercoaster over the past couple of years.  Poor girl has had to deal with her delinquent brother tarnishing her reputation and worst of all, losing her mother.  So I understand her decision, but she’s my favorite solo artist/idol.  I’m sad to see her go.



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13 02 2012
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