12 02 2012

Out of curiosity I decided to listen to the b-side to Morning Musume’s newest single “Pyoco Pyoco Ultra”s b-side.  I really just listened because I wanted to say that I had.  I haven’t heard “Pyoco” all the way through once, but I know that I hate it.  I did the same thing for S/mileage’s latest single.

So, there I went, just randomly deciding to listen to “Kanashiki Koi no Melody”…

What the hell?!  Why on EARTH wasn’t that the a-side?!?!?  SERIOUSLY?!  This song is so AWESOME.  It’s on par with “SONGS.”  Why, why was that horrendous duck song chosen over this one?  I can imagine if “Kanashiki Koi no Melody” was the a-side.  It would have had an awesome dance and costumes and at least a PV that didn’t make me sick.  I imagine it would have been something like this…

I just can’t imagine what posessed Tsunku to ruin this single so badly.  I can guarantee the sales would have been MUCH better with “Kanashiki Koi no Melody” as the a-side.  I mean, seriously, from a marketing perspective, WHY CHOSE THE DUCK SONG OVER THE CATCHY DANCE SONG?!

Ugh.  I hate Tsunku.  I love this song.  I hate “Pukeo Pukeo Ultra.”  Can you please tell me why this is so backwards?




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