30 Day Idol Challenge 12 ~Hello! Project Member~

13 02 2012

On the twelfth day of Idol Month, my true love gave to me… twelve H!P Eggs~ 

I improved it.  Better, right?  😀  Day 12 of the 30 Day Idol Challenge is your favorite Hello! Project member.  Ahem.  I kind of… already did this one.  Woops.  My bad.  I’m really up front about my H!P favorites, so it’s really difficult for me to do this one.  I could say my H!P favorite overall, but you already know that’s Miyabi.  Who is also my Berryz Koubou favorite.  And you all already know Niigaki Risa is my favorite Morning Musume idol, for the few weeks we have left with her.  My two favorites from S/mileage are graduated, so I don’t have a favorite in that group anymore.  There’s only one soloist, so she can’t be my favorite soloist.  Ah, I suppose that leaves me with one choice here.

My favorite °C-ute member is… 

Okai Chisato!

Honestly, I hardly care about °C-ute these days; their music and Airi has really bored me of late.  My favorite was originally Maimai, then Erika, then Airiin, and now that I’m sick of Airi always in front, it’s Chisato!

Honestly, she has one of the best voices in Hello! Project.  She has stunning control compared to her family idols and has the best vibrato of all of H!P, hands down.  She’s really come into her own over the past year or so.  She went from the shy little girl that grew up in the spotlight to a radiant young woman who is confidant in her own body and voice.

I’m really glad Tsunku’s finally giving her more lines because her voice compliments Airi’s much better than Maimi’s and sounds much better solo.  Really, Chisato should go solo.  If °C-ute could survive without her, which it can’t.

I love her dances on youtube.  It really allows us as fans to connect with her much differently than other idols.  I mean, I’m one of those crazy people that posts up dance covers on youtube too, so it made me really excited to see that one of my favorite idols does as well.

I have high hopes that Chisato will continue to grow and develop over the next year or two.  She’s one to keep an eye on, even if she isn’t your favorite.  She’s going to be big.



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14 02 2012
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21 03 2012

Chisato has 2nd best vibrato in H!P behind Reina…

21 03 2012

No way. Reina’s vibrato is like Risako’s–it’s from lack of control, not vocal command like Chisato’s. Granted, when she’s singing low notes on a slow song, it’s great, but otherwise, it’s lack of control.

22 03 2012

Reina’s “makenai wa” parts in PYOCOPYOCO ULTRA and “yume wo idake akirameru na” parts in Kono Chikyuu. can prove that.

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